What is the state of Trump and NATO allies now? Look at this picture.

What is the state of Trump and NATO allies now? Look at this picture.

Overseas network July 12, US President Trump is currently attending the NATO summit in Brussels, Belgium, and with his continuous attacks on the "various failures" of European leaders, the United States and NATO allies seem to be "getting far away". On the 11 day, a photo taken by a NATO leader before the opening of the summit led to the attention of the netizens. Many netizens believed that the picture was a perfect display of the present situation of NATO.

According to today's Russian website, the photo of the hot debate was taken before the opening ceremony of the summit. At that time, the leaders of the NATO countries were gathering together. It's worth noting that most of the leaders seem to be paying attention to things on their left side, but only Trump, whose attention is attracted to something on the right, turning in a different direction.

"This picture is a perfect metaphor," Best, a net friend of twitter, said. "Compared to the NATO leaders, Trump's way of looking at the world is obviously wrong. Maybe because he's a fool? " An American conservative political commentator seems to explain his own president's "unique" explanation. Perhaps Trump "looks at the United States" and his peers are "watching Europe", so the two sides are not in the same direction. Netizen Xi Ge is blunt, the picture summarizes the current reality, this is Trump and other NATO leaders relations are getting worse.

It is reported that at this NATO summit, Trump repeatedly fired on his allies. On the 11 day, when he had breakfast with NATO Secretary General sturtenberg, he declared that "Germany is a captive of Russia because its energy comes from Russia. They pay billions of dollars to Russia, and we must protect them against Russia. " Then, he expanded the "scope of the attack" again, once again on the NATO "part of the money" to say: "(national defense spending) must immediately reach 2% of its GDP, not until 2025." He did not fully say that Europe's borders were rather "bad", and the United States was spending a lot of money to protect Europe from paying the bills.

For all kinds of "amazing words" of Trump, he can not even see himself. Former US Secretary of state John Kerry criticized Trump's participation in the NATO summit as a disaster, which is destroying the international reputation of the United States. "President Trump is making hostilities among our allies, instead of putting those who have been attacking American democracy to the allies who are willing to flatter him," Kerrey said, pointing out that the president's action is weakening the alliance. (overseas network Zhang Ni)

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Trump will take part in the NATO summit to bombard his allies and will visit Britain for the first time.

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