Taiwan media: Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia actively attract tourists from Taiwan.

Taiwan media: Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia actively attract tourists from Taiwan.

Original title: Taiwan media: Japan and South Korea and South East and South East Asia actively attract the mainland tourist platform tourist industry "red" Reference News Network reported on July 12th media said that about 130 million people in mainland China outbound tourism in 2017, sustained growth. In the same year, there were only 2 million 730 thousand people in Taiwan, accounting for 2% of the total number of outbound tourists from mainland China. Taiwan tourism estimated that this year's mainland tourists will drop to less than 2% of the total outbound passengers for the first time, and the consumption will also be low again.

According to the Taiwan time electronic newspaper July 11th, it has been 10 years since the mainland tourists were opened to Taiwan in 2008. The number of mainland tourist arrivals increased from more than 320 thousand in 2008 to 4 million 180 thousand in 2015, but after Cai Yingwen came to power, the relationship between the two sides of the Taiwan Straits was not good. The mainland tourists came to Taiwan for two consecutive years and dropped to more than 2 million 730 thousand by 2017.

"For the mainland, although the number of visitors to the mainland is reduced, the impact of the outbound travel on the whole mainland is" very little "," said Taipei's surname tourist. " The tourism industry points out that the "big outbreak" of the mainland tourists to the global tourism, only 2% of the total of Taiwan, will not affect the outbound travel business of the mainland travel agency, but the impact on the Taiwan area is very large, many hotels are selling, many restaurants and shopping shops have closed.

A shopper in Taipei said that the average number of visitors to Taiwan in 2017 was Japanese tourists and Korean tourists, but the total number was not as good as that of mainland tourists. The cost of shopping for tourists on the mainland has been greatly reduced, and the most affected are the shopping stores, and the various stores in general, from the special farm to the convenience stores, all affected.

According to the 11 daily newspaper of Taiwan China electronic newspaper in July, the world is to attract tourists from mainland China. Philippines intends to shorten the time of mainland visitors to the landing sign. South Korea also goes to the mainland to publicize, Southeast Asia opens more shopping shops for mainland tourists and opens mobile payment system. Taiwanese tourists said today that the world is attracting mainland tourists, and only Taiwan has pushed mainland tourists out.

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