The Hall official, "La Fei Su" who had eaten grass roots bark, was tried on his birthday.

The Hall official,

Original title: Hall officials who had eaten grass roots bark, "La Fei Su", were on trial on their birthday.

Source: Chang'an Avenue magistrate

"Today I retired and left the office to go home for the rest of my life, but now I am standing in the dock. To this step, I am self inflicted and I have to blame myself. "

On April 19th, the Zhoushan intermediate people's court heard the case of Ningbo's former deputy mayor Su Li Guan's bribery case. On that day, it was his 62 - year - old birthday.

Prosecutorial authorities accused the total of RMB 915 million yuan, including 5 pieces of famous brand watches, 4 pieces of antiques, and other items. In June 27th, the court sentenced the crown to 300 thousand yuan in seven years and six months.

Don't look at the crime of Su Li Guan's confession and confession in court.

People send nickname "La Fei Su", a special liking for red wine. Not only hundreds of bottles of wine are stored in the house, but also the words "one can taste the year".

In pursuit of brand names, wardrobes are full of designer clothes.

Not only dare to collect hundreds of thousands of Yuan watches, but also "dare to change the style of wear", attracted the masses of cadres and masses.

There are many "girlfriends" who openly "come in pairs" and attend various occasions.

Throughout its path of corruption, the Chang'an Avenue governor (WeChat ID:Capitalnews) found that the crown of the Soviet Union was a "best example" of self deregulation.

Born in difficult times, eating grass roots bark, only 19 years old to wear the first sweater of life... These hardships have been experienced by the Sioux's crown. In his early years, he was "very hard". To do a good job, he once jumped into the glacier in the first month to salvage the cargo of the sunken ship. "The water is covered with ice."

After that, Suli's crown was promoted, gradually from the head of a supply and marketing agency, as vice mayor of Cixi, mayor of Yuyao, Secretary of municipal Party committee, deputy mayor of Ningbo city and so on.

However, the promotion of status brings about the expansion of selfish desires. In order to "not only have the political and social status of the leading cadres, be respected by people, but also become the bosses of the family, and have the same assets and prices as' friends'," Suli's crown has made a lot of "friends", and has become the object of "hunting" for a long time.

The so-called "hunting" with the right set, with the crown of the Soviet Union as the core of the interest circle gradually formed. After receiving the Hong Kong dollars and shopping cards in the hands, the return of Su's crown is to greet the merchants' friends' projects and to coordinate matters related to them.

At the age of 51, he was appointed Vice Mayor of Ningbo. Because of his age, he had the idea of "arriving at the terminal by boat," and decided that he should seize the time of "Smart Life".

To this end, he is more reckless in the accumulation of extravagant wealth, the majority of its bribery after the following, the property is "high-end" bribes, including the value of more than 90 million yuan of white jade pot, the value of more than 160 yuan of the Qing Qianlong tea end glaze six square bottles and so on.

After being appointed deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Ningbo Municipal People's Congress in 2012, the crown was more carefree. Not only is he wearing a famous brand, he also tells us that he is not tired of eating, and he is always on the table at the table of wine. The nickname of "La Fei Su" was also called at this time.

In April 2017, the crown was removed from office; in October 30th, it was taken by the Zhejiang Provincial Commission for supervision.

Surprisingly, when Suzhou Suli's son, Suzhou, was told that his father was taken away from the investigation by the provincial supervision commission, he fled to Shandong, Hebei and other places. In the meantime, a series of measures were taken to escape the indwelling. The reason is that he took part in the process of accepting bribes.

To this end, the Zhejiang Provincial Commission for supervision and coordination, the public security organs to attack, only 4 days later, sumou from Tianjin to recover and implement the lien.

For the son's crime, the Soviet Union's crown in the iron window had expressed regret. He recalls that after the return of his son, he insisted on doing business on his own, but instead of making money and spending money in a big way, "his bad habits were exposed to his son." In order to change this situation, Su Li Guan took his son to the revolutionary education base for education.

How could it be possible to teach his son that he had broken his head? 3 people in their family were detained.

Not long ago, the CPC Central Committee of the CPC has published articles in succession. It is about the leading cadres of "hunting", such as Suli's crown, who also named the former Secretary of the Ji'nan municipal Party committee, Wang Min, the former deputy governor of Gansu and other ministerial cadres.

Willing to be hunted, after all, is greedy in heart. Such party members and cadres were originally prey, and later they became slaves to the interests chain of corruption. It is the best warning for later generations that "bait is poisonous and not greedy".

Editor in responsibility: Zhang Yu

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