After decades of bad behavior, you can call everyone a childhood shadow.

After decades of bad behavior, you can call everyone a childhood shadow.

Original title: everyone's childhood shadow is gone, actually he is a good man.

The Beijing News reporter learned from many parties that Ji Chunhua, a famous martial arts actor and actress, died in Hangzhou at 10:35 in the morning in July 11th. He died at the age of 57.

Ji Chunhua, perhaps a lot of people are not familiar with this name, but it may suddenly come to a sudden realization that he is the shadow of our childhood.

He is the bald eagle in the Shaolin Temple, the bandits in the red sorghum, the Fang Shiyu sequel in Zhenhai, Ma Ning in the five new Shaolin ancestors, and the blood knife and ancestor in Liancheng Jue... Ji Chunhua's film and television roles are basically villains, known as "gold medal villain stars."

However, people familiar with him know that Ji Chunhua, outside the lens, is a famous "old man" in the film and television circle. Under normal circumstances, I am completely listening to the director.    

Ji Chunhua's sudden departure has made many colleagues in the industry feel sad and shocked. Mr. Ji Chunhua's funeral committee is scheduled to hold a farewell ceremony at 8 a.m. on July 13th at the first temple in the first Hall of the Hangzhou funeral parlor.

The Beijing News exclusive interview Shaolin Temple director Zhang Xinyan, Ji Chunhua's friend Liuxiaolingtong and so on cherish the memory of the dead.

People recollection

Dong Weier (the doubles actress has worked in many martial arts dramas).

The cooperation with Mr. Ji Chunhua was very early. At that time, I took a play. At that time, I was young. He had been a villain. At the first glance, Ji Chunhua thought he was very fierce, but the scene was completely different from his TV. "It's a bad guy to see his appearance, but contact is easy-going." His smile on the set is much more than that on the screen. He is very respectful and patient to our ordinary doubles players.

Zhao Ningyu (director, CO worked with Minister of Tibet)

Ji Chunhua's professionalism is very high. Ji Chunhua gave us great inspiration: how to be a qualified actor in the new era. A qualified actor has several aspects: on the one hand, it is a superb deductive skill, which includes the literary and opera, the understanding of the society, the understanding of life, the understanding of the script, and the understanding of the film. I think the teacher is famous as a young man. Why do we stand tall these decades? We see his behavior in cooperation. His kindness to all people, the friendliness of the most grass-roots staff, the clarity of the overall situation and the position of the individual, are all the key reasons for his success.

When the teacher left, the spirit and professionalism that he brought to me and our team will also be inherited. In the face of some new difficulties, we will think of the teacher who had been on the plateau of four thousand meters, giving us support and moving smiles. I will always cherish him. (the last director sob slowly, I will always miss him).

Liuxiaolingtong (actor, collaborated with Liancheng knack)

Ji Chunhua is the elite of our Chinese martial arts circles, and I am also a fellow townsman (Zhejiang). He played a variety of villain art image, not only superb martial arts, acting is also very good. I think he also has a lot of effort in the acting, which is very difficult for a wushu athlete. He is very hard and hard at shooting the scene. He performs many times according to the director's request and serves to portray the characters.

I was very sad and sorry. He left early. We often have connections, and we have greetings on holidays. But it didn't come to mind that he had gone so early. So I hope that each of our artists should cherish their good health, to dedicate more and better roles, and also to learn the spirit of Ji Chunhua's martial arts and work hard.

Jiang Xin (actor, worked together "dragon eight")

The teacher in the impression is strong and strong.

Jiantao Hong (actor, CO worked with the night emperor)

I have sent two friends circle to recollect Mr. Ji Chunhua. Filming martial arts is actually the most bottomless in my mind, because it will not fight at all. I will never forget the high temperature of more than 40 degrees last year in Hengdian. Again and again, Mr. Ji accompanied him to practice until the last one, he stretched out his thumb.

The best age of 57 is the deep memory of Mr. Ji Chunhua. The TV drama "the night emperor" has become the last cooperation with him. There is no pain in heaven.

Yu Hewei (actor, collaborated with hunter hunter)

Too sudden, just cooperate, be friendly, conscientious predecessor! Life is impermanence.

Gao Jun (actor)

You are nine years younger than me, and you have agreed to play a bald drama with me. Ji Chunhua, you shouldn't break it!


A big illness turned into a blaken, mistakenly hit into the circle

In July 20, 1961, Ji Chunhua was born in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, graduated from the Shanghai TV University. He was a member of the martial arts team in Zhejiang province. Because of a serious illness in the young, his hair and eyebrows were all lost overnight, and since then they did not grow again.

In this regard, optimistic Ji Chunhua looked very pale, he said for a martial arts athlete, no hair is not at all troubled. Wushu is Ji Chunhua's hobby since he was young. He started martial arts at the age of 8 and made clear his idea of becoming a martial arts athlete. At the age of 19, he weighed 74 kilograms and, when he was 54, recorded a program at the age of 54, he revealed his weight or 74 kilograms, without any change in his weight in the past 35 years.

Ji Chunhua in the martial arts team, a chance to let him know that the "Shaolin Temple" in the recruitment of martial artists, he went to try to be directed by Zhang Xinyan in the eye, selected him in the film as a ruthless and poisonous "bald eagle".

In 1982, the Shaolin Temple set up hundreds of millions of box offices in the time of a dime and a movie ticket. The movie is on fire, and the role of the "bald eagle" villain also gives Ji Chunhua a reputation. Since then, he has entered the film and television circles. Recalling, at that time, Ji Chunhua said that at that time everyone was working hard to shoot, and no one had ever thought of being famous.

Zhang Xinyan recalls to the Beijing News reporter, "the whole batches of Wushu actors, including Ji Chunhua, have not been trained professionally, but they are all very devoted and able to understand the roles. They are so pure. I never worry about their performance. They will cry if they want to cry.

The action plays in the "Shaolin Temple" are all designed by themselves

Zhang Xinyan recalls that when Shaolin Temple was taken, all the actors did not count their rewards and fame, and in rough and hard conditions, everyone was doing the trick. "I've never been angry at Shaolin Temple, and all the actors in the play are good colleagues. When they leave for more than a year, everyone is crying, and thirty or forty years later, they will call each other to greet each other, unlike many of the actors now taking their wages."

Although almost all of the actors in the Shaolin Temple are professional martial arts athletes, the injury to each other's fighting and long hours of physical overdraft makes the injury a "common meal".

Ji Chunhua once recalled, "at that time, there was no action guidance at all. Who shot the lens, who designed the action himself. Every time the director tells you how long you need to go and where to go, we start to prepare, and then he takes a video recorder to take pictures. So in Shaolin Temple, we can see so many long scenes of fighting.

One of the actors had a fracture of the thumb and right arm of his left hand and was still in plaster. One brother had to leave the group because of a rupture of the Achilles tendon. "There was no avatar, no protector, and the young man was very strong, so even if tears came out, there was no one to go back." Step. "

In the view of the famous film critic Wei Junzi, the film was shot in that time, and all was true. "Ji Chunhua went through an age without a stunt, a kick and a kick on his own, but his bald eagle was too discerning, and at that time he made his popular performance with his exquisite performance." "."

A bad egg is for decades

"Death" in the play countless times

In Chinese swordsman or action film, it pays much attention to pictographic boxing, because it symbolizes character character. This is the characteristic of Chinese traditional martial arts. Therefore, the choice of Ji Chunhua as a bald eagle, who is good at hawk's claw, naturally shows insidious and insidious character.

After the Shaolin Temple, Ji Chunhua began his career of acting for several decades. Because of his limitations, most of the roles he played were villainous villains, and because of the martial arts, he played many films and TV dramas, collaborated with many action stars such as Jet Li, Chiu Man-Cheuk, Yu Rongguang, and collaborated with Jet Li on five films, including the end of the Fang Shiyu sequel. The seat with long rope loyalty and filial piety big decisive battle, "new Shaolin five ancestors" full of iron armour and poison strange offensive and other wonderful play, has become a classic action film lens.

In addition to the martial arts action film, Ji Chunhua also played Zhang Yimou's "Red Sorghum", in the film as a romantic, rebellious Japanese army robber head bald three artillery, the relatively complex set of people left a deep impression on the audience. In 2012, in the Anti Japanese TV drama "poison Fang", the bandit leader, the Raven hole master, was three.

Because the image has been stereotyped, it is hard for Ji Chunhua to be a good man, and he played a few decades of bad eggs. Ji Chunhua said he was in the film circle so long that he had only played two or three good people and "a not too bad person", the bandit bald three guns in "Red Sorghum", and the "zombie age". It's a ghost master.

The image of the classic TV series has the Jimmy Lin version of the "eight Tianlong" Duan Yanqing, the Chiu Man-Cheuk version of "the seven sword under the Tianshan" of Xin long Zi, "Liancheng formula" in the blood knife and old ancestors are very character characteristics of the evil people, Ji Chunhua once said that if possible, it will be a new ancestor of snow knife. "This is a great role."

He also mentioned in the interview that he had "died" countless times in the play, "I die the most, and there are all kinds of deaths. I study all kinds of dead methods to bring fresh feelings to the audience. A friend told me, "you are dead in the law, it is warning the world, do not do bad things, do bad things only a dead end." He would also be half jokingly bluntly, "I hope the director will arrange for me the role of a good person and not let me die easily in my work."

The year before, I felt that the body could not eat.

Some people acquainted with Ji Chunhua told the new Beijing News reporter that his departure is no doubt a great loss of the whole "film and television forest". Like all the actors who love martial arts, Ji Chunhua plays the play to be really hard, not only to play, but also to teach, and when he does not play, he will do martial arts guidance after the act.

In 2016, Ji Chunhua played the villain "the vulture" in the film "the Minister of the Tibet". This role is to the Shaolin Temple 34 years ago.

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