Media: Trump never dared to retreat from NATO.

Media: Trump never dared to retreat from NATO.

Original title: editorial: Trump is not going to retreat from NATO.

The NATO summit was held in Brussels from 11 to 12, and President Trump again complained that the cost of defence in European countries was too little before the departure and the name of Germany. "NATO's benefits to Europe far exceed the benefits to the United States," he said.

Trump was forcing European countries to increase defense costs, and he was trying to apply the limit to its allies, and some in Europe were talking about getting ready to adapt to a "no American NATO". They are worried that any group will dare to retire. Trump is sure that even NATO will not want to do so any day.

Then trump will tear down NATO because he can not agree with the European countries about the funding problem? I can't get to that step. Forcing NATO members to share more military spending should be Trump's easiest victory, which is much less difficult than winning the trade war.

Because the United States is the absolute leader of NATO, the defense relationship between Europe and the United States is the former's dependence on the latter, rather than equal cooperation. Although Europe is the forefront of the US strategy in defence of Russia, Europe has not received the "standing guard fee", which has been "protected" by Washington. The big reason for this is that European relations with the United States and Russia are in serious imbalances, and they have lost their bargaining chips to the United States while they are completely standing with the United States.

NATO states that Member States will have to reach 2% of their own GDP, but a lot of countries do not do it, only 1%, because those countries do not think that Europe has a real war risk. Otherwise, they do not need to be urged by Washington.

There is no danger, except NATO, because Russia is no longer a threat like the Soviet Union. In principle, it is right for Europe to reduce its military expenditure, and the correct way of the United States should also be to reduce the military expenditure.

But the Trump administration did the opposite. Its military expenditure in the new fiscal year has risen sharply, and has risen by 10%.

However, the new U.S. military costs will not be used in European security, which is used to consolidate the global hegemony of the United States, which will be used to implement the United States' various extreme pressure policies, including increasing its dignity when tariffs are imposed on European products.

It is a good reform for Washington to get Europe to spend more money to maintain the NATO system and the us to continue to control Europe through this system. Not only for Europe, President Trump also wants to turn the US relationship with all its allies from the US side to "buy allies" into a bid to sell US allies.

The United States has the largest alliance system in the world, which is an important foundation for American hegemony. Although the allies in the United States feel that the alliance with the United States is conducive to their security, this security mode is theoretically substitutable. The dependence of American hegemony on the alliance system is entirely rigid, and it is impossible to get rid of it theoretically.

Therefore, the total demand of the United States to our allies is no less than that of the allies in turn. In other words, the United States simply can not afford the collective "rebellion" of its allies.

European countries are likely to face Trump's tough demand to make concessions, because spending money on peace is the simplest thing for them to do. But this will further spoilt Trump. In fact, a great part of Washington's hegemony is what the allies are accustomed to.

The Trump administration is only able to cure its allies, and NATO is the most concentrated place in the United States. If NATO members refuse to change the way of sharing their defense costs and not accept Trump's apportionment, the pervasive arrogance of Washington for a period of time will be heavily hit by the world. The world has the hope of returning to peace. You can rest assured that Trump is afraid to retire from NATO. But will Europe "stand up" like this? It's hard to be optimistic.

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