The Japanese people, who were badly affected, were too angry to swear.

The Japanese people, who were badly affected, were too angry to swear.

Original title: the Japanese people, who are suffering from the disaster, are too angry to swear: we do not lack this!

In the West Japan, Japan has suffered heavy rain. According to the daily news of Japan, as of 12:30 on the 11 noon, 169 people were killed in the heavy rain, 80 people lost Union, and the rescue activities continued.

The Japanese Self Defense Force has been sending materials to the disaster area, and it is still unable to solve the current situation of shortage of materials in the disaster area.

In order to express the blessing of the disaster area, the people of all parts of Japan carried out the "flying" of thousands of paper cranes that were stacked up by the flood force to go to the disaster area. Although there are shortages of water, electricity and food, thousands of paper cranes have gone too far in the disaster area.

A few pictures, please feel yourself.

Despite the sporadic netizens' support for sending thousands of paper cranes to express their blessings, Japan's online public opinion is still one-sided tendencies. Japanese netizens could not sit still, calling on them: "please stop sending thousands of paper cranes to the disaster area!" "Don't send any more garbage!" "Who sends who is the self - satisfied hypocrite!"

A thousand paper cranes can only be used as garbage.

A thousand paper cranes are garbage, or a rubbish that makes people feel embarrassed. Even Valentine's day 10 yen friendship chocolate is not comparable.

To send thousands of paper cranes to patients and send thousands of paper cranes to the disaster area. Other patients can do nothing to help patients. They can only express their blessings by means of stacked paper cranes. We can treat the disaster area, ignoring the shortage of materials and funds, but empty stacked paper cranes.

Those self satisfied people who send thousands of paper cranes, do you want thousands of paper cranes when you meet your family or your family? If I were, I would rather give me the origami money, even if there were only a few hundred yen.

There are netizens shouting, not stacking thousands of paper cranes, have the ability to stack paper money ah!

It's true...

The picture shows a thousand paper cranes stacked with 1000 yen notes, each with a face value of about 60 yuan.

Have you ever seen a thousand cranes stacked with 10000 yen notes? It's about 600 yuan each, and it's real trenches!

This netizen says, use 1000 yen to fold 1000 paper crane, the other side wants to spend again need to dismantle, it is too troublesome! It's better to send 1000 yen notes directly to the bank.

Compared to the comments of sentimentality, some netizens also said that the traffic situation in the disaster area is not good at this stage, and the materials are still unable to be delivered, and the best support for the disaster area is not to send the thousands of paper cranes to occupy the public resources.

Some netizens put forward "the replacement plan of the thousands of paper cranes": to "forward 1000 advertisements contest" as the topic, to collect the enterprises willing to sponsor in advance, in the kindergarten, the primary and secondary schools to the class as the unit, with the sponsoring enterprises to take 15 seconds of the disaster relief ads, published on social media. 1000 times per relay, enterprises donated 100 thousand yen to the disaster area.

By the time of press release, this article has been awarded more than 200 points.

At the end of this article, the strange sauce looked at the twitter and found that Abe Shinzo, the Japanese Prime Minister, had gone to the disaster area, hoping that he would not bring a thousand paper cranes to the people in the disaster area, so that they would not be black.

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