People in Tainan were shocked when they heard the explosion. They thought the PLA had come.

People in Tainan were shocked when they heard the explosion. They thought the PLA had come.

Original title: people in Tainan earthquake were shocked by the explosion. They thought the PLA had come.

Overseas network, July 12, the magnitude of the earthquake in Taiwan, the 12 day, the 12 day, the earthquake, the people heard the explosion at the time of the earthquake, "think of the liberation army hit", but the people of Taiwan then said that even if the PLA came to do not have nothing to do with the ordinary people, they are just that Some people who "sell the country".

According to Taiwan's "joint news network" reported that at 8:41 on the evening of 12, 4.3 magnitude earthquake occurred in Tainan, some areas have been out of water, and people said the earthquake started when the explosion heard the explosion, "scared, also thought the liberation army came!"

According to the media, the sound of the explosion you hear is exactly called "ground sound", a sign of an earthquake, often occurring within seconds, minutes or hours, or even days before the earthquake, and can be heard in the epicentre or near the epicenter.  

Taiwan media said that this is actually a very common thing, but the response of the public is worth pondering. As long as the people of Taiwan hear the sound of the explosion, they will doubt whether the two sides of the Taiwan Straits will have to fight, and we can see the deep fear and unease in the hearts of the people of Taiwan under the conditions of the worsening relations between the two sides of the Straits.

A netizen from Taiwan said, "it is because Cai Yingwen, Taiwan people will spend every day in shock," "we feel miserable."

There are also netizens saying that even if the PLA comes, they are not afraid, "they are just the only people who do the" Taiwan independence "and" sell the country ", which has nothing to do with the ordinary people.

Taiwanese media said the Taiwan people did not feel this way for the first time. Earlier, when the PLA carried out live ammunition exercises in the Taiwan Strait in April, there was no warning of sudden blackouts. At that time, many people were shocked, nervous, "is the PLA coming?"

In this regard, the media commented that the people of Taiwan will be anxious all the time, because Cai Yingwen is constantly challenging the "one" line, willing to dance with the United States and become a "restricted" chessman of the continent. If cross-strait relations are not tense, Taiwan people will not have such worries at all. Taiwanese media points out that if Cai Yingwen and the DPP are really good for Taiwan, they should put down their hostility and stop the fiddling of "unified independence", and take the security of the people of Taiwan as the idea to improve their relations with the mainland. Otherwise, the majority of the people in Taiwan will eventually be rejected by the people of Taiwan.

As Ma Xiaoguang, a spokesman for the National Taiwan office, said, it is possible to recognize the "92 consensus" as soon as possible and agree that the two sides of the two sides belong to the "one center", and the cross-straits relations can return to the right direction of peaceful development. (overseas network Zhang Shasha)


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