A sneeze breaks down 9 fractures of the seventy - day mother-in-law

A sneeze breaks down 9 fractures of the seventy - day mother-in-law

Original title: a sneeze down, seventies mother-in-law 9 fractures of the body

Chutian Metropolis Newspaper July 11th news (reporter Li Manying correspondent Liao Liya Chen Mengyuan) seventy seven ten days old woman continued half a year low back pain, back pain did not care, until a sneeze "discounted" bone, it is known to suffer from severe osteoporosis, become "bone crisp". "9 fractures in the whole body!" On the 11 day, in the fourth hospital of Wuhan, Jiang's mother in law regretted that she should seek medical treatment earlier.

Jiang Popo is 77 years old and lives in Hanyang. Six months ago, she often felt sour and pain in her back, but she didn't care much when she finished the pain reliever. Until a week ago, she caught some cold and watched sneeze. She could hardly move her waist for a moment. The family members rushed to see her fourth hospital in Wuhan.

After examination, the doctor found that Chiang Po Po's thoracic vertebrae and lumbar vertebrae had 9 fractures, and several vertebrae had been compressed and deformed. After related examination, the doctor diagnosed that she suffered from severe osteoporosis.

"At present, the middle-aged and elderly people generally pay less attention to osteoporosis, think the pain in the waist and legs, humpback is the normal phenomenon of the elderly, we Kone many patients are very serious after the illness to visit." Deng Hongyan, director of the Department of endocrinology in the fourth hospital of Wuhan, pointed out that most of the osteoporosis patients had no feeling in the early stage of the illness. In the late period, the symptoms of low back, back pain and leg cramps appeared. Patients with severe osteoporosis may have fractures, severe or even paralysis in falls, lumbar weight-bearing, sneezing and defecation.

Director Deng Hongyan reminds us that osteoporosis is closely related to sex and age. After 60 years of age (about 10 years after menopause), after the male is about 70 years old, it is possible to suffer from senile osteoporosis. If the elderly appear hump or obviously shorter, they may suffer from osteoporosis. In addition, the middle-aged and elderly people should do BMD screening in hospitals every year. Once osteoporosis is found, they should be treated according to the doctor's advice. In daily life, we should eat plenty of balanced diet rich in calcium, low salt and proper amount of protein, do some outdoor activities in the sun, proper calcium and vitamin D.


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