Men's high speed rail lost their luggage and did not catch the conductor's phone call as a liar.

Men's high speed rail lost their luggage and did not catch the conductor's phone call as a liar.

Original title: great heart! I lost my luggage on the high speed rail. The owner answered the train commander and thought it was a cheat.

Chutian city newspaper July 11th news (reporter Hu Yongmou correspondent Zhou Yunhua Chen Qinghuan) high speed rail lost the luggage unaware, the train captain called the owner still think that is a liar! At 14:23 on 10, Wuhan passenger train conductor Chen Jinyu gave Mr. Wu's luggage to the Guangzhou South Railway Station. At 16:13, Mr. Wu sent a text message saying that the suitcase was received intact.

At 21:27 on July 9th, the Wuhan passenger G554 train arrived at the terminal station, Luohe west station. The train chief Chen Jinyu began to patrol the car. Suddenly, the security officer, Yan Minghui, was called in the interphone: "Chen, there is a black suitcase on the 15 car 2D seat luggage rack, and you come and look down." Chen Jinyu hurriedly used the walkie talkie to call out the staff at the exit of Luohe west station, so that they could broadcast to see if they could find the owner.

When the owner was unable to connect, Chen Jinyu and Yan Minghui opened the black suitcase together to find that there were some men's clothes, a driver's license and a wallet, the owner of the luggage case called Wu Ningyang, 300 yuan in cash in his wallet, and a card of Wu Ningyang.

Chen Jinyu dialed the telephone number on the card: "Hello, are you Mr. Wu Ningyang?" Do you take the G554 train today? "

"Yes, I am Wu Ningyang. What is your name?"

Mr. Wu was just beginning to think that it was a cheater phone. When the train leader said Mr. Wu lost the details, he was excited. "Yes, yes, that's my suitcase. I took the G554 train from North Shenzhen to Guangzhou on a business trip today. I was so busy, if you didn't contact me, I did." It's not going to remember it at one thirty! "

How to get the luggage back to Mr. Wu's hand? Chen Jinyu thought that the G551 train arrived at Guangzhou South Railway Station at 14:23 on July 10th, and asked Mr. Wu whether he needed to bring his baggage back to the Guangzhou South Railway Station. At that time, Mr. Wu went directly to the Guangzhou South Railway Station to receive the Lost and Found Office.

After learning this information, Mr. Wu happily said, "Chen Che Chang, thank you very much! You have not only failed to collect money, but you have done such thoughtful and considerate consideration for me. Thank you very much! "


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