Taiwan's military unexpectedly claimed that it had been attacked by hackers in mainland China more than 32 million times last year.

Taiwan's military unexpectedly claimed that it had been attacked by hackers in mainland China more than 32 million times last year.

[observer network comprehensive report] earlier this month, after the DPP's official website and Wikipedia were blackened, the outside world continued to renderer "mainland hacker attack" and other remarks. According to the news network, according to the United News Network in July 11th, the "Ministry of national defense" called its talent recruitment center website in 2017 by suspected hacker or mainland network army spies, up to 31 million 968 thousand and 975 times, is the "Ministry of defense" of the people's network sites have been subjected to abnormal detection, scanning and the most suspected attack units.

Taiwan military talent recruitment center (map: Taiwan media)

The report said that Taiwan's "Legislative Yuan" claimed that the mainland network army was active in the international arena, while Taiwan's "National Security Council" had long been the target of its attack. After enquiry, the "NSA" in 2016 was attacked by hackers more than 580 thousand times.

The "Legislative Council" also claimed that in recent years the mainland network army's normal attack on the "State Security Bureau" of the external network and government organs, infrastructure facilities, more and more serious. To this end, the Ministry of defense requires the production and service operations of the Ministry of defense, especially the measures for the prevention and control of the weapons production process in Taiwan, and the relevant statistical data of the "national defense" infrastructure facilities of the Continental army attack platform in the last 5 years.

In response to this, the "Ministry of national defense" responded that, according to the information released by the Ministry of national defense, a single web site with the most abnormal detection, scanning and suspected attack on the Taiwan military and civilian networks was the most, with the largest number of "national defense personnel recruitment centers", 31 million 968 thousand and 975 times in 2017, followed by the 9 million 552 thousand and 884 times of the "Ministry of national defense".

The "Ministry of national defense" indicates that the military and civilian networks of the Taiwan military and the military and the reference pipe systems are all isolated and dedicated to the special network, and the related equipment for security protection is deployed among the various network departments, and the audit is carried out regularly to implement the management and control measures for the implementation of the operation process.

The national network environment of the Ministry of national defense has built all time management and control of the DMA protection management center, and integrates the unified detection and monitoring of the Internet service network of the "administrative hospital", which can effectively reduce the network attack.

The "Ministry of national defense" pointed out that, according to the statistics, the number of activities such as abnormal detection and scanning of the "Ministry of national defense" people's network has been decreasing year by year since 2014, showing that the protection measures of the "Ministry of national defense" for environmental management of the environment have been effective.

The DPP's official network is captured by black video

According to the observer network previously reported that the morning of July 3rd, the Democratic Progressive Party official network was attacked by hackers, the web page appeared "Cai Xiaoying refueling, our mainland net friends love you, Mao Da! You must invite us troops to the simplified Chinese characters as soon as possible after re-election.

Then in the evening, the introduction page of the DPP Wikipedia, the introduction to the history column about the "Republic of China", was changed to "Taiwan province of China", and the election of the leaders of the Taiwan region was changed to "the governor of the province", and the present post of Cai Yingwen, chairman of the DPP, was also changed to "governor of Taiwan province of China".

For these two waves of black incident, Taiwan media assume that the mainland netizens are doing it for granted. The DPP authorities say whether they are systematically attacking the mainland side, they will further investigate and strongly condemn this behavior.

For the Taiwan side's testify, mainland netizens said "we don't answer this pot" and pointed out all sorts of "suspicious signs". Some analysts say that mainland netizens never call Cai Yingwen "Cai Xiaoying", which is called by Taiwanese.

Another netizen questioned that the message icons and ways of speaking did not conform to the continental language habits. It was likely to be planted. "There is no wild hacker in the mainland now."

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