The second US Army of the Zhu Walter class ten thousand ton big drive has not served yet to change the main engine.

The second US Army of the Zhu Walter class ten thousand ton big drive has not served yet to change the main engine.

A statement issued by the US navy ocean system command said that the "Meng Suer" (DDG-) of the "julm Walter" class two was damaged by the gas turbine blades. 1001) the host will need to be replaced.

According to the U.S. Navy college news network, July 11th, the Mitchell Mensur (DDG-1001) destroyer completed the sea trial in February this year, and the Navy signed a receiving document in April. But in July 11th, the US Navy Lieutenant General William Garinis said, "Meng Suer" was in the bass steel plant in Maine. "Unfortunately, after the ship was tested, we found that a gas turbine that drove the main generator of the ship had problems; we were changing it. We are working together with the bass iron and steel plant and Rolls Royce, which will be completed in front of the bass iron and steel plant this fall, and then the ship will go to San Diego and are ready to start the further test of the operational system next year. "

DDG-1001 "Meng Suer" on the port of bass Steel Shipyard

After the day's breakfast, the brigadier Commodore revealed to the naval academy news that the MT30 gas turbine did not show any anomalies in the trial voyage, but the blade was damaged when it was tested after the test.

"When we test it after the test, we found the blades of the gas turbine - like the ones you could see when you were on the plane, the kind of blade in front of the jet engine - we found some signs, the blades were damaged." He said.

"We sent a letter after the sea test, and we asked for the endoscope inspection, that is, we put an optical device in the gas turbine to observe it. Then we found that it is better to replace the engine now before we sail the ship to San Diego.

Reported that the replacement of the engine work has been started since February this year after the failure was found. Mr. Lieutenant Lieutenant jiennis said the work was so long that the MT30 engine was so large that it needed a very complex orbit system before replacing it to remove the engine. The whole process is very complicated because the Navy had never considered the need for engine replacement. So engineers have to redesign and install the system.

"This is a bit of a problem," lieutenant general said.

Lieutenant Lieutenant jiennis said the Navy had done the same inspection of the DDG-1000 engine and did not find problems, so it did not need to replace its host.

The US Navy's $20 million MT30 gas turbine is not only used on the "Jim Walter" destroyer, but also the mainframe of the "free" level sea warship. The gas turbine is also the British Navy 'Queen Elizabeth' aircraft carrier, as well as the mainframe of the 26 type frigate being built, and future warships in the South Korea and Italy plans will also use it.

"We are working with the US Navy and the bass iron and steel plant to replace one or two MT30 gas turbines with the 'Mitchell Mensur'," Rolls Royce spokesman said in a statement to the Naval College News Network on Thursday. "We are preparing to complete the replacement as soon as possible. Down to the lowest. "

Lieutenant general kerinnis said that the cause of the damage was not yet found on other naval vessels.

The MT30 gas turbine needs to be replaced

"Until we dismantle the engine and find the root cause of the accident, we still can not tell what the reason is. But what I can tell you is that during the trial, we drove the engine to full power, but there was no sign of any accident. We have a vibration sensor on the engine to prevent such things, but in spite of this, the damage does happen, and it should have nothing to do with what we do on the test. During the trial, we also inspected the engine, but we did not find any problems. He said.

The Meng Suer destroyer seemed to be in trouble since the launching of the ship. In 2017, the ship had just started a day after the trial, and had to return to the bass steel plant for maintenance because of the power system problem.

On the other hand, the "Jim Walter" also encountered a series of Engineering defects and challenges, in the land from Maine to San Diego, its power system has been a number of failures. However, the failure of the host on Meng Suer seems to have not yet appeared on the "Jupiter volt".

The "Layton Johnson" (DDG1002) is currently being built in the bass steel plant, which is expected to be launched by the end of the year, and the sea test will begin in 2019.

Observer network military commentator said the latest "Jim Walter" destroyer is in the San Diego port for the final stage of outfitting, some of the previously not installed electronic equipment is loading the ship. However, the antenna is not the original design of the "tall" common type of stealth antenna, but like a traditional warship, a drum on the bridge over the bridge, an antenna over there, completely changed the ship's high stealth shape design. The reason is that these systems obviously follow the more traditional ship electronic equipment, which indicates that the development of common electronic equipment, originally planned to be installed on the warship, has been cancelled.

On the other hand, a U. S. Navy team is assessing how the "Jim Walter" warships are dealing with the "big competition" environment, before their proposal was to get the "Jim Walter" level to be dead and heavy with two gates before getting a suitable guided projectile, but because no artillery was available. The essence is the AGS advanced naval gun system, which acts as the role of the stealth anti ship missile launching platform, and uses the "Tomahawk" missile to carry out long-distance anti-ship attack.

When DDG-1000 is launched, there are many "pits" on the bridge, which are not yet installed, mainly the satellite communication system. The original plan of these antennas is designed in common type. After loading, these "pits" should be fully filled.

DDG-1000, which has recently been outfitting in the San Diego base, is partially covered with plates, while a few "balls" that are not in the original design and the small mast of the front part of the bridge are installed, replacing the original plan to install the "tall" common antenna and the "selective mast". Rod "...

Recently, in the new report, the team suggested that it is necessary to study the possibility of dismantling AGS guns to install more missiles. After all, if no modification is done, "Jim Walter" is no more than more than 80 vertical launching units. Considering that some of the units are to fill the "advanced sea sparrow" missile for self-defense, there are few emitters that can really be used for the "battle axe".

As the symbol of the US Navy's "ocean leap forward", the trouble of DDG-1000 seems to be just the beginning now.

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