The Philippine Boracay will be reopened in October 26th: no longer septic tanks.

The Philippine Boracay will be reopened in October 26th: no longer septic tanks.

China South China Sea news network July 12, according to Philippines World Daily reported 12, the Philippines environment and Natural Resources Minister of West Ma Tuo 11, said, to rectify the environment and the closure of the Boracay in October 26th, will be reopened to the outside world. Boracay is no longer a septic tank, he said.

"I want to make it clear that we will open Boracay in October 26th," the report quoted the Philippines GMA television station as saying, at the hearing of the house natural resources committee.

Earlier, in February, the president of Philippines, Du ter wrath, used Boracay as a "septic tank" to order the Ministry of the environment to improve the health of Boracay within 6 months. The inter ministerial working group composed of the Philippine Ministry of environment and natural resources, the Ministry of tourism and the Ministry of interior has discussed the issue and sealed the island since April 26th, and began to rectify the environment. All the people who did not set up their books in Boracay were not allowed to enter the island.

The island of Boracay has been sealed for more than 2 months. The Minister of environment and natural resources, the chief of the Ministry of environment and natural resources, said the working group was focusing on the transformation of 7 major areas, including the health of the Boracay, the social safety net, the traffic slow, the law enforcement, the communication between the people and the relevant parties, and the restoration plan of the ecosystem. The working group also said that buildings illegally constructed on wetlands or protected areas were being demolished one by one.

It is reported that Boracay, located in the middle of Philippines, is famous for its 4 km long white fine sand beach, beautiful shellfish and sunset. It has been well evaluated by international travel magazines or websites for a long time, but it also brings environmental problems because of the influx of tourists and neighbouring immigrants at home and abroad.

According to Taiwan "Central News Agency" reported, the long lived in the Boracay of the Taiwanese Taiwanese businessmen said, according to his knowledge, the Philippine government will allow staff to enter the island in October 26th, 27 officially open to tourists. (Yao Ling, China South China Sea News Network)

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