Jingdong financial B round of financing 13 billion yuan post investment valuation of about 133 billion

Jingdong financial B round of financing 13 billion yuan post investment valuation of about 133 billion

Sina Technology News July 12th news, Jingdong today announced that it has recently signed a binding capital increase agreement with investors such as CICC capital, CCC investment, CITIC investment and CITIC Capital. The financing amount is about 13 billion yuan, and the value of the investment is about 133 billion people. According to customary closing conditions, this round of financing is expected to be completed in the third quarter of 2018.

Jingdong finance completed 6 billion 650 million yuan of A round financing in January 2016, from Redwood Capital China fund, Jiashi investment and China Taiping investment, after the investment valuation is 46 billion 650 million yuan RMB. In June 2017, Jingdong financial completed its equity restructuring and was no longer included in the Jingdong group's consolidated financial statements.

Up to now, the Jingdong financial institutions have more than 700 financial institutions, and are working with financial institutions to serve the 8 million line and 400 million users. In addition to deep plowing financial digital services, Jingdong financial also layout urban computing, digital enterprise services, intelligent robots and other innovative businesses.

Jingdong financial CEO Chen Shengqiang said that the future, Jingdong finance will continue to adhere to the digital technology strategy, to increase input in data and technology, any business that is not related to data and technology do not do. We should actively promote globalization and attract leading technology talents all over the world. Through technology, the whole financial service is more intelligent, inclusive. So as to serve more people, lower cost, more efficient and better experience.

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