The suspected man refused to serve as an insult to the police and also called "I am Guo Jingjing".

The suspected man refused to serve as an insult to the police and also called

Original title: suspected man refused to send a message, but also arrogant reply to the police: "I am Guo Jingjing".

Chutian city newspaper July 11th news (reporter Chen Jun correspondent Wang Binhua Huang Pengcheng) Enshi Jianshi man Zheng in a Internet cafe in Wuhan to steal a mobile phone was caught on the spot, he received a police call message during the bail, he was abused police and arrogant reply, "I am Guo Jingjing." The police immediately took the online pursuit and escape measures. On the afternoon of 10, Zheng was arrested at EnShi Railway Station.

It also goes back to June 2017. In a net bar in the East and West Lake District of Wuhan, Xuan Mou is sleeping on the table, feeling the movement in his pocket, and waking up to find that a man is stealing his wallet. The two sides were in a big shape, and a man suspected of theft was arrested on the spot. After verification, the suspect is 22 years old, Hubei Jianshi people. Zheng gave a real account of the fact that he had committed theft for a moment. In view of the fact that there was no criminal criminal record and tuberculosis, the police had taken a pending trial.

Not expected, in May this year, the police in the case of Zheng in the case of Zheng to accept interrogation, zhengmou repeatedly refused to answer the phone, even after receiving a message from the civilian police, fireworks back to the police, also called "I am Guo Jingjing".

In July 9th, Wuhan branch of the Dongxihu Municipal Public Security Bureau ran the Internet. Around 3 p.m. on July 10th, the police station of Enshi station received a clue, and Zheng appeared outside the EnShi Railway Station. The police quickly checked the suspicious personnel on the station square, successfully seized Zheng, and at this time it was only 24 hours from the name of the fugitive personnel information system.

At present, Zheng Mou has been approved to arrest, and will soon face the severe punishment of the law.

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