Li Bin declared war on Mask: Tesla is a flower in the greenhouse, and victory belongs to Chinese enterprises.

Li Bin declared war on Mask: Tesla is a flower in the greenhouse, and victory belongs to Chinese enterprises.

Source: financial network car channel

Author Wang Pengyu

Two days apart from the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation agreement between azure and BOSCH in Berlin, Germany, the busy Li Bin reappeared in front of the media.

This is the first activity after Li Bin returned from Germany, and the first "Declaration of war" after Tesla's 500 thousand capacity in China.

In July 10th, Tesla signed a pure electric vehicle investment agreement with the Shanghai Port Management Committee and the port group, and Mask signed on to the scene.  

According to the content of the agreement, Tesla will be wholly owned in the port area to build the Gigafactory 3, which integrates research and development, manufacturing, sales and other functions. The project is planned to produce 500 thousand pure electric vehicles, which is the largest foreign manufacturing project in Shanghai history.

Tesla has always been seen as the biggest threat to its growth path for the high-end smart electric vehicle. More coincidentally, in the first half of this year, Wei Lai also located his second factory in Shanghai. This means that the Chinese Derby war between Wei Lai and Tesla will be "trigger" in a few years' time.

And when Tesla's localization process continues to advance, how will Li Bin look at the inevitable "close combat" between Wei Lai and Tesla?

For Tesla's problem in the Chinese factory, Li Bin said, "the flowers in the California greenhouse may not be able to adapt to the intense and full market environment in China." I welcome Tesla to build factories in China, which proves the importance of the Chinese market and gives consumers more choices.

But the final victory must belong to China's auto brand. Maybe it is Wei Lai, maybe other enterprises, especially in the new car making force, the success of entrepreneurship / innovation will represent the success of Chinese auto companies. Obviously, Li Bin's remarks are still full of "gunpowder".

Public information shows that azure announced its cooperation with the ADAS giant Mobileye in March last year and plans to launch a L4 - level auto - driving car in 2020.

One year later, it came together with BOSCH, the leading automobile component enterprise, and planned to cooperate in the fields of sensor technology, automatic driving, motor control and intelligent transportation system. Under the endorsement of the two prime ministers, this cooperation is meaningful to the future.

In view of the outside world, Li Bin said in a very low tone that it was only a conventional strategic partnership in azure, which was not different from the previous contract.

According to the strategic planning of azure automobile, after the delivery of ES8, second new SUV ES6 will be released this year. In May 24th this year, the first prototype of the prototype of ES6 has been formally downline in Nanjing, and it is expected to be officially released in December 16th.

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