Hong Kong media: China's new combat forces match the Beidou system with a powerful force.

Hong Kong media: China's new combat forces match the Beidou system with a powerful force.

The PLA strategic support force provides technical support in a drill.

Reference News Network reported on July 12th, Hong Kong media said, experts said the PLA's new combat units are conducting exercises. From the 9 day, the exercise rehearsals reconnaissance, electronic communications, network security, air strikes and other operational skills. It aims to strengthen the understanding of modern electronic warfare by the ground forces after the complete reform of the army, and to cultivate a new army strategic commander.

According to the website of Hongkong South China Morning Post, in July 11th, more than 50 units and about 2000 officers and soldiers took part in 5 drills. According to official social media accounts, troops participating in the drill include 5 air force, special forces and electronic warfare experts in the theater.

The army said that the 4 military academies in Chongqing, Anhui, Hebei and the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, as well as Inner Mongolia Zhu day and training base, started the exercises synchronously.

The army said through social media that the exercise was designed to simulate the battlefield environment. The Disciplinary Committee of the PLA dispatched personnel to supervise the exercise and synchronize the video of the exercise live to the relevant type of troops.

The army, on the WeChat public, said the units included reconnaissance units, information security forces, electronic counter forces, special combat units and army aviation units.

According to the report, the army said the new units were formed to transform the army from traditional combat forces into the modern army, and to cope with the electronic warfare with the Navy, the air force and the newly formed rocket and strategic support forces.

According to the report, the Liberation Army's mouthpiece, the liberation army newspaper, published a review article in June 15th. "In the reform of the scale structure and strength formation, a number of traditional army units were abolished, a number of old and old equipment were eliminated, and a new type of combat force increased."

"However, in the training exercise, individual commanders did not research enough on the new combat forces and used them inappropriately. Some use the new combat force to "support the face", only to be lively, not to ask the actual effect; some take them as "golden oil", good steel is not used on the blade; and also immersed in the traditional mode of combat, so that they can only 'run Dragon', free from the system alone. "

Song Zhongping, a military expert, said that these new types of combat units were ready last year, but no major training tests have yet been taken.

Song Zhongping said: "in modern warfare, electronic warfare is of strategic importance, and many new weapons also need electronic support." He also said that once China's Beidou satellite navigation system was completed, the PLA's electronic warfare force will be enhanced.

Song Zhongping said: "although the Beidou system will definitely make the Liberation Army" like a tiger, "but only all the troops can successfully master the new fighting skills to play a role.

Professor He Qisong, an expert on defense policy at the Shanghai Institute of Political Science and Law, said this week's exercise showed that the PLA was exploring new training models to prepare for modern fighting for officers and soldiers.

He said: "electronic warfare, a comprehensive and secure network is essential. This is why the formation of a strategic support force has played a crucial supporting role for different services. "

"The Chinese army is a traditional ground force. Since the end of the 70s of last century, there has been no practical experience. This time it will take time to build so many new units to adapt to modern warfare."

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