US military reconnaissance aircraft equipment aging failure frequently damage us and Russia aerial surveillance capability

US military reconnaissance aircraft equipment aging failure frequently damage us and Russia aerial surveillance capability

According to the 12 Daily newspaper of July, according to the US "defense news" weekly website in July 3rd, the United States Air Force aging C-135 reconnaissance aircraft has been in frequent failures. Members of the air force want the air force to clarify the cause of the situation.

It has been reported that the fifty-fifth United States Air Force reconnaissance and intelligence gathering aircraft, stationed in the air force base in Nebraska, have a history of more than 50 years of service, mainly based on operations based in the UK, Greece, Japan and Qatar.

However, according to a series of surveys in the Omaha world Herald, mechanical failures have been plaguing jets that carry out special duties. Since 2016, the fifty-fifth United Nations has reduced 500 flying missions, and since 2015, there has been a mechanical failure in every 12 missions. This series of questions prompted Nebraska to send a letter to air force minister Heather Wilson, urging it to investigate and report on the operation of the fifty-fifth old aircraft.

The picture is the OC-135 reconnaissance machine

At the same time, the Nebraska mission is trying to resist Congress's approach to reducing the restructuring of the OC-135 fleet, according to the open sky treaty, signed by the 34 countries, that the US OC-135 reconnaissance aircraft can fly unarmed in Russian airspace. Some members of the United States and The Pentagon officials questioned the treaty, which allowed the mutual surveillance flight between the signatories, but the United States believed that Russia was suspected of violation. At present, the US government has applied for funding for the purchase of two new planes to carry out this task.

Don Bacon, a U.S. House of representatives from Nebraska, said at the house meeting that OC-135 was one of the highest u. S. Air Force aircraft, "it often fails in Russian surveillance flight, which makes us often in a hostile and often awkward situation."

US Defense Secretary Jim Mathis ordered the air force to reorganize the OC-135 fleet. In May, he sent a letter to the Senate Republican Fischer, admitting that the planned maintenance problem caused the United States to complete only 64% of the scheduled surveillance flight in 2017, while the Russian side completed all the scheduled flights. (compiling / Wu Mei)

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