Japanese media exposing dark network: using virtual currency settlement has become a hotbed of black market crime.

Japanese media exposing dark network: using virtual currency settlement has become a hotbed of black market crime.

Original title: Japanese media: the existence of dark networks on the Internet has become a hotbed of black Internet crime.

Global network news report, "Japanese economic news" 12 Daily reported in July that Internet space exists even web sites that will not be displayed even through Baidu, Google and YAHOO. These websites are known as "Dark Web", which is a black market of illegal drugs, weapons and personal information. It is said that access to these websites requires specific software and passwords. Because of the high anonymity, it is difficult to master the real situation of operators and users. The Japan economic news is trying to uncover the veil of "dark net" that has been accused of being a hotbed of crime.

Using virtual currency settlement

1 grams of marijuana, 6 US dollars, 30 US dollars for attacking websites, 1 thousand spam 70 dollars... In a room in the "trend technology" of an information security enterprise in Tokyo, Japan, when the person in charge is entering a laptop computer that is generally unknown to a specific URL, the suspected illegal goods and services are displayed on the screen together with the photos. The person in charge visited the network black market called "dark net". The company's security software architect (Security evangelist) Okamoto Katsuno said, "this is a trading platform between criminals and hackers who can buy and sell illegal goods and services around the world."

Unlike anyone who can search for e-commerce sites, to access dark networks, you need to enter URL and passwords obtained through specific channels. As long as the registered mailbox can be obtained anonymously, it can upload goods and browse, and generally settle through virtual currency.

Trend technology indicates that the black market in the Internet began in the early 2000s. The popularity of virtual currencies began to increase rapidly before and after 2015. Online sales, bulletin boards and information exchange are all available. Some websites even sell about 8000 kinds of goods. Besides English, there are also Japanese version websites. Trend technology says, "every day there is a new birth, with no specific number."

Why is there such a black market in cyberspace? The biggest reason is its anonymity, that is, it is more difficult to track website operators, and users can hide their identities for browsing. It is said that the possibility of making it possible is the existence of an anonymous software called "Tor", developed by the US Navy's research institutions for intelligence gathering activities.

Tor sends servers around the world as transfer stations to send encrypted data. It seems that the data are sent from the last transfer station to the receiver, but it is very difficult to trace the number of transfer stations to lock the sender. A senior official of the Japanese police said, "it is almost impossible to find the identity of the user and the operator only through the communication records on the network." Under the background of strengthening network supervision, operators have abused this confidentiality. In order to escape investigation and gain huge profits, the trend of transferring the trading stage to the anonymous Internet black market has emerged, and the investigation departments of the countries have begun to take action.

The case is only "the tip of the iceberg"

The US Department of justice arrested the largest AlphaBay operator in the dark market in 2017, forcing the site to close. In Japan, police around the world have found transactions in other black markets such as Internet bank account passwords and personal information about credit cards. It is said that the accounts bought and sold are used to transfer accounts of fraudulent gangs, and the real situation of dark net becoming a hotbed of crime has surfaced. However, a senior police official pointed out that "the case investigated is just the tip of the iceberg", and the Tokyo police department will further strengthen its surveillance.

The Internet has had the danger of crossing the border and becoming a black market. According to the different circumstances of the investigation, the identity of the persons involved in the transaction can sometimes be locked down, and their offences should be investigated according to the laws of the country. Okamoto appealed that "people may be involuntarily involved in cybercrime and should avoid using interest."

In addition, like the SNS "AshleyMadison" membership information into the dark network, the information of enterprises and individuals may leak into the black market and spread to the world. Viruses that are used to hijack the Internet of things (IoT) and implement cyber attacks are also circulating. People will face the risk of cyber attacks.

Morii Masako, an information and communications engineering professor at the Kobe University in Japan, said, "if the black market is a hotbed of crime, cyber attacks and crime can be expanded. Countries need to establish mechanisms to share information such as communication and transaction records of criminal groups. It is not only an international encircling network for the black market, but also a crisis awareness to protect the information itself.

And it's a hotbed of money laundering

Internet viruses such as black markets are being used for malicious attacks on networks such as government and enterprises.

In 2017, ransom software (RansomWare), which was ransom in the name of personal computers recovering from infection, appeared in various countries. Some analysts believe that the famous hackers group obtained the technology developed by the US National Security Agency (NSA) on the dark Internet and then used it to attack. In the end, many companies actually paid the ransom.

There are signs that the theft of "NEM" about 58 billion yen in Japan's virtual currency exchange has a trace of the exchange of a part of the new currency with other virtual currencies on the dark net. This is considered to be a cash laundering. It can be seen that the dark net has become the hotbed of the proceeds of crime. For Japan, the number of network attacks related to communications reached about 128 billion 100 million in 2016, 2.4 times that of last year, and the world is facing the threat of black market.

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