Russia's development of photon radar for the Soviet 57 fighter will become a F22 killer. China is also studying.

Russia's development of photon radar for the Soviet 57 fighter will become a F22 killer. China is also studying.

US military stealth fighter

[World Wide Web July 12th military report] Russia is developing a new radio photon radar that can detect American stealth fighters, which worries the United States. The US media even said it would become the "killer" of the fifth generation stealth fighter in the US.

Russia's TASS report 10 reported that the Russian RTI group said the group will complete the work to create a X - band radio photonic radar model in 2018. A few years later, it will be used in Russia's UAV and the sixth generation fighter planes to get accurate target images. This type of radar is farther from the conventional radar detection distance, and it can build real target images and realize automatic identification. RTI said the radar will provide radio imaging images with more detailed features, making it possible to identify target types. This radar will have smaller weight, size and lower power consumption when it is airborne. The new radar generates radio signals by converting the laser energy of the photonic crystal. "We are starting to produce the first production line of the laser to meet the needs of the radio photonic radar," said Maksim, chief executive of RTI group. We are looking for the localization of the full supply chain of the radio photon integrated circuits used for radar, so as to participate more efficiently in this rapidly developing field, which will be one of the national security forces of Russia. " According to reports, the company has been concerned about the R & D work in the field of wireless photon radar for many years, and has invested about two hundred million rubles for this purpose.

The progress of Russia's scientific research has aroused the concern of the US media. Russia's "Moscow Communist Youth League newspaper" 11 Daily said that the United States "national interest" website said that the Russian radio photon radar may become the F-35 and F-22 in the United States. The three-dimensional images of the aerial targets formed by this radar will give Russian fighters a greater advantage in the future air combat. It is reported that China is currently engaged in the research of the technology. This new radar will effectively prevent the US stealth fighter from performing reconnaissance and strike missions. Therefore, after the emergence of the new radar, the stealth technology of the fifth generation fighter aircraft became a problem. Russia is going to deploy this kind of radar to the sixth generation of fighter planes, but experts believe that it may be equipped with a Soviet -57 fighter. Because the development of Russia's sixth generation fighter is far from being expected. According to reports, the Russian sixth generation fighter will use AI technology and be able to operate in driverless mode. (Liu Yupeng)

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