A new species of red brown found in Hainan is named after the surname of Sichuan teacher.

A new species of red brown found in Hainan is named after the surname of Sichuan teacher.

Original title: a new species discovered in Hainan is named after the surname of Sichuan teacher.

The cover news news (reporter David Yang Xue) recently, Huangshan University scholar Peng Lifang published a new result of his research team in the Asian amphibious research magazine. The team discovered a new species of coral snake in Hainan, China, and named it "Sinomicrurus houi".

According to this description, Hainan coral snake has a reddish brown body, slender, black pattern, and two disconnected white stripes on the back. This habit of living in the secret place of poisonous snakes, in fact, temperate, mainly rely on eating other snakes or lizards. It is reported that the discovery of this new species has been discovered for 87 years from a new species of the genus snakes.

Hua Shanhu snake Sinomicrurus is a late American scholar on Joseph B. Slowinski et al. Based on morphological and molecular data, are small vipers of the family Cobra. Hou Mian, a Sichuan Normal University teacher, amphibious researcher and southwest mountain photographer, said that the genus coralline is a very complex group, mainly in the southern part of Shandong, Himalaya, to the east of Asia and the northern front of Southeast Asia.

Hainan coral snake is distributed only in the Qiongzhong mountain area of Hainan. It is the sixth species of coral snake found in the world and fifth species in China. According to the results of the present study, hou mian believes that the relationship between the Hainan snakes and the Fujian coralline snakes is recently, and they should have a common ancestor in a historical phase of Hainan Island and the mainland. Perhaps after the separation of Hainan Island from the mainland, the isolated island population evolved into a completely new species.

It is worth mentioning that the name of the new species is taken from hou mian's surname. "I am very grateful to the research team for naming it by my surname." Hou Mian said.

The research team leader, Huang song, introduced the name of hou mian's surname as a commendation for his contribution to the research of Chinese amphibians and reptiles. "For years, Mr. Hou has invested a lot in the profession. In science popularization and scientific research work, he never accounts for personal gains and losses. In the research process of this project, it has also given a lot of suggestions." Huang said.

"It has been more than ten years since we learned about the existence of this species. Hou Mian said that because the coral snake species are complex and diverse, the ecology is secret and widely distributed, so the research is very difficult. Since 2007, the research team has begun to study this aspect, but it was not until this year that the results were published.

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