The boss announced that after the holiday, 3 out of 1 families were in arrears with 40 employees for half a year's wages.

The boss announced that after the holiday, 3 out of 1 families were in arrears with 40 employees for half a year's wages.

Original title: the boss announced that after the holiday, the lost union owed more than 40 employees half a year's wages.

In the evening of July 5th, the owner of Dalian gold Kasen Clothing Co., Ltd. sent a WeChat notice to the financial manager, who subsequently lost contact with him. The company's legal representative of a family of three companies under the name of three companies in arrears of more than 40 employees half a year's wages, arrears of medical insurance and social security more than 200 yuan. Dealers also have different levels of payment in arrears. It is understood that the assets of the clothing company had been secured and borrowed.

The company has multiple clothing brands

Before May 31st this year, Mr. Wang was an employee of Dalian gold Kasen dress Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Kasen). However, he had to resign and prepare for another way because he owed too much money. No thought, the new job has not yet been found, and he and other 40 employees together, on the road of safeguarding rights - the boss owed employees wages lost contact.

Mr. Wang told reporters that gold Kasen was founded in 1999, after which Dalian music hundred attendance Clothing Co., Ltd. and Dalian Hanna Clothing Co., Ltd. were set up, and the three companies were in the three name of the company, the company representative Wang. The 3 companies have the agency power of many clothing brands, and set up counters in many shopping malls in Dalian, including hats and swimsuits. At the best time, there are shops under the online and offline stores, and there are nearly 10 shopping malls under the offline entity counters in Dalian, and a special counter has been set up in Panjin. "At a good time, a counter costs millions of dollars a year." Mr. Wang said, even in recent years, the store has been hit by online stores, and the business situation has declined. The number of Kasen's counters is not losing money.

In the evening of July 5th, the company's financial manager received a WeChat from his boss, Wang Moufa, to inform her office that she was not used for work for second days and began to take a vacation. After that, one of the three Wang families lost their union.

The old staff also insist on normal business

Sister Li has worked in Kasen for 18 years. She is an old employee. She never thought that this job would suddenly die out. According to her introduction, in recent years, companies will occasionally be in arrears of wages for a month, but they will be released soon. So, since last December, the company did not pay wages, and she was not panic like many other employees. But half a year later, the company's most employees' wages and deducts have been owed more than 60 thousand yuan, less than 10 thousand yuan, and more than 40 employees have been defaulted nearly 600 thousand yuan. The employees' medical insurance and social security have not been paid for two or three years, and this part has accumulated more than 210 yuan.

Despite half a year's salary, Sister Li and two "old couples" still sell their products every day. Li said, in addition to a few salesmen really can't stand the resignation, most of them still adhere to the normal office station counter, we all hope that the crisis can be faster in the past, wages can be reissued as soon as possible. Just last week, Li elder sister and "old pair of children" also inventory the goods, not a few days, but received the boss "lost contact" bad news.

In July 10th, the reporter came to a large shopping mall in Shahekou District, and Sister Li was receiving customers to buy hats. The customer spent 150 yuan in exuberant buying a sunscreen scarf. Sister Li smiled and sent away the customer. "Half a year does not pay, and old employees like me are not working hard. Now, the boss has run away, and even hopes for the last. " Sister Li said that the rent of the boss to the mall was given to the 21 of this month. Under the condition of the normal operation of the cabinet, there was no vacancy in the shopping mall. So she and her colleagues had to come to work normally. "When the rent was paid this month, the boss also said that the contract would be renewed next month." Sister Li said.

It is understood that Wang not only owed employees money, but also owed some of the dealer's money.

The company's assets have been mortgaged on multiple mortgages

In the last few days, rights activists gathered to talk and come to the office of the Houston mansion, and found that the office had been occupied by a group of strangers. It is alleged that the other side is "creditor", because Wang owed money and came to the door.

Up to now, Wang's three phone call has been in a state of loss. Reporter inquiries found that gold Kasen has had 4 chattel mortgages, the company's assets mortgage guarantee loan, the amount is over million to more than 200 yuan. In addition, Wang also pledged shares to a finance Company limited by guarantee.

It is reported that Wang has borrowed money in recent months. Employees worry that the boss's sudden loss is not a temporary initiative.

At present, the employees have reported to the public security department for help, and have submitted materials to the labor supervision department for safeguarding their rights.

Source: the peninsula Morning Post

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