30 thousand kilograms of watermelon is half hung by the villagers.

30 thousand kilograms of watermelon is half hung by the villagers.

Original title: 30 thousand kg of good watermelon is half of the village badger, and the villagers are caught in a dilemma.




On the morning of July 10th, the sun was burning.

Yao Chunrong, a farmer in the red school village of hillside street, Jiangxia District, Wuhan, looks at the many watermelons bitten by wild beasts in his own melon field. Recently, it is expected that a total of more than 30 thousand jin of watermelons are expected to be gnawing and spoiled by wild beasts.

The villager introduced that the chief culprit is two kinds of destructive "bad guys" - badger and hedgehog. Half a month ago, one night, they rushed into the corn fields, peanut fields and watermelon fields to make trouble. The villagers were caught in a dilemma: the safety of plastic nets, firecrackers, and night watchmen were not good because they could not use power grids or poison bait to protect wild animals.

30 thousand catties of watermelons are half ruined by wild animals

Ms. Yao Chunrong, 54, is married to Mr. Sun Rongan, 58. They are two groups of villagers in the village. This year, they planted 12 acres of watermelon.

Yao Chunrong says watermelons have always grown well. Half a month ago, the watermelon ripening one after another, and the worries of the couple came one after another. Every night, a pig badger, like a puppy, sneaked into a watermelon field and chew on watermelons.

They often use their mouths to open a hole on the watermelon to see if they are ripe. Eat only the well cooked parts and let them rot before they are ripe. According to her husband, in addition to the pig badger, hedgehog occasionally "colluded".

In July 10th, reporters at the scene saw that Yao Chunrong's watermelon fields were lying on the floor with many rotten watermelons. On the skin, there are holes in the size of the fist until the bowl is thick. Yao Chunrong said the hole was bitten by a pig badger.

Yao Chunrong said that the total output of 12 mu of watermelon in the melon field is expected to exceed 30 thousand jin, which can be sold for 40 thousand to 50 thousand yuan. In the past half a month, nearly half of them had been bitten by wild animals. There is no way to stop these animals from doing evil. "This watermelon may be white, and the cost will not be recovered."

Corn and peanut fields have not been spared

"Indeed, wild animals have been patronizing farmland recently." Li Muzhen, a cadre of the village committee of red village, pointed out that the pig badgers in the wild animals are very miscellaneous. It also steals corn and peanuts besides stealing watermelon from villagers. Sometimes, it slips into the vegetable fields of the villagers' families and bites all kinds of vegetables.

Li Muzhen said, when the badger entered the ground, it would use his mouth to arch the ground peanuts, then eat the peanuts, and then put the corn stalk down to the ground and eat the corn on the corn stick.

Li Muzhen said, according to the villagers themselves, dozens of acres of corn and peanuts have been attacked by pig badgers.

The reporter learned that, since this year, in Jiangxia hillside street, Anshan street and other places, many farmers, such as watermelons, corn, peanuts and other crops have been destroyed by wild animals.

The villagers tried 5 ways to fail

The red village is a small village with more than 40 families, and more than 10 villagers grow crops. Yao Chunrong said that in order to stop the beast from doing evil, she and her husband tried several ways.

First, there are dozens of strong iron clips placed in places where wild animals may go. Surprisingly, the beasts were cunning and would bypass the iron clips and enter the melon field. The iron clips did not work at once; two was a temporary plastic enclosure for the melon field. Because of the limitation of topography, the purse seine did not encircle the entire melon field. The beast can also break out for the gap for their own access on the Internet; three is to put firecrackers in the melon field at night to frighten away the wild animals; the four is to put a dog in the melon field on duty, but the melon field is too big, the dog is too busy to come over; five people keep in the melon field all night, and use the gongs and drums to drive the wild beasts with the strong light flashlight...

Yao Chunrong said, for various reasons, these methods failed to fight wild animals.

Li Muzhen said that laying iron wire fence around the countryside can effectively prevent wild animals from invaded the countryside, but the cost is too high and it is not easy to promote.

The Forestry Department says it has not been overrun

Zhang Aiguo, the head of the village committee of the village of Hong Kong, said that after the scene investigation, a comprehensive inspection of the animal's footprints in the ground, the judgment of the bite marks, the animal eating the farm work, the pig badger and the hedgehog, had been witnessed by many victims.

Zhang Aiguo said that in recent years, the forest coverage in the village has been growing year by year, and the ecological environment is getting better and better. Such small animals as pig badgers do not have natural enemies, nor are they hunted, and have strong reproductive capacity and high survival rate. This time is the rapid growth period of the animal young, such as the badger, the hedgehog, and so on. The food for them can not keep up a little. They frequently break into the pastoral and destroy the crops.

Feng Wei, a staff member of the Hubei Wildlife Conservation Center, said that the pig badger and hedgehog belong to the wild animal, which is listed in the list of "beneficial or important economic and scientific research value of land wildlife" in China, that is, "three have animals" and can not be killed at will.

Mr. Shen, the responsible person in charge of the Jiangxia District Forestry Bureau, said that according to the observation by the experts of the forestry department, the number of wild animals, such as pig badger and hedgehog in the Jiangxia District, is not so much as to be controlled by human beings. The forestry sector will not organize professional hunting teams to kill them for the time being.


Villagers can ask for compensation from the government department

Zhang Fujian, a lawyer for the law firm in Hubei, said that in order to achieve harmony between human beings and wildlife, people and nature, one can not sacrifice one's interests to meet the other. The nineteenth article of the law on the protection of wild animals of the People's Republic of China stipulates that the protection of protected wild animals, which cause crops and other losses, is checked and verified by the Department of wild animals of the county people's government at the county level to be compensated by the local people's government. According to this regulation, villagers, such as pig badgers, hedgehog, wild boars, and other protected wild animals, can damage the interests of the villagers, and the villagers can claim compensation from the relevant government departments.

The staff of the Jiangxia Forestry Bureau said that the villagers who were damaged by the protected wild animals could apply for compensation to the forestry department, and the forestry department will send people to verify the situation of the farmers' losses and strive to help the villagers get the corresponding compensation.


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