Wuhan cracked down on gun exploding crime and collected 132 rockets, four pieces of rockets.

Wuhan cracked down on gun exploding crime and collected 132 rockets, four pieces of rockets.

Original title: Wuhan cracked down on guns and explosives for six months, firing 132 rockets and two rockets.

Jingchu network news (reporter Zhang Yang correspondents Yang Huailiu, Chen Long) in July 11th, the reporter learned from the Wuhan Municipal Public Security Bureau, in this year to launch a special action to combat gun exploded crimes, the city has collected all kinds of firearms of all kinds of 132, received the initiative to pay the "90-1" Rockets 2 and 2 mountain cannon coach ammunition.

Since 2018, the Wuhan Municipal Public Security Bureau has organized a special action to crack down on the crimes of guns and explosions, and has set up a joint meeting system to combat the regulation of illegal and criminal offences of guns and explosives in the city. At all levels, the security departments at all levels take the key points, clear the key sites, clear the key sites, clear the key market, and clear the "five Qing" measures in the key community, and vigorously carry out the collection of illegal gun explosives in the social face. The city seized 132 guns, 312 simulation guns, 6652 control knives, 8 crossbows, and 2743 rounds of ammunition. The number of illegal firearms collected rose by 35% over the same period. Through extensive publicity, the Wuchang sub Bureau and the Dongxihu sub Bureau received 2 "90-1" rockets and 2 pieces of artillery training missiles.

At the same time, the departments of criminal investigation, network security and drug control at all levels carried out the gun explosion cases, and broke 28 criminal cases involving guns and explosions, including 5 cases of network trafficking in firearms, 10 cases of illegal manufacture of firearms, 1 cases of illegal manufacture of explosives, and 12 other cases. There are 13 administrative cases involving the gun explosion. They seized 53 guns involved in the case and arrested 76 people involved. The number of cases seized increased by 42% over the same period.

In order to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the people to take part in the special action against the regulation of the crime of gun exploding, the provincial public security department issued a "method for the Hubei provincial people to report a crime involving a gun involving a gun," which stipulates that a 50 thousand yuan reward can be given to the report.

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