To 50 million or to go to hell: how to end the relationship between a female star and a father?

To 50 million or to go to hell: how to end the relationship between a female star and a father?

Original title: "give 50 million or go to hell together": what should be the final conclusion of the controversy between female star and father?

Give me 50 million or "go to hell"?

This is a father's choice question for his daughter in the face of the camera.

Recently, a video was broadcast in micro-blog. A man who claimed to be a popular actress was accused of her daughter in a TV program.

In the program, the man said his "star daughter", the family of hundreds of millions, did not support himself, so he put forward 50 million yuan, including alimony, and said he had prosecuted her daughter, claiming that he was "the sword of the left hand and the right hand of the media."

The female artist may never have imagined that she would play a romantic drama outside the theater. Perhaps she does not want to believe that her father will broadcast this drama of human relations in such a way that everyone can watch.


Negative labels are the biggest nightmare of stars

As a public figure, stars are more afraid than negative news. In the spotlight and in the public opinion field, every negative label is a star's unbearable weight.

In the past year, the entertainment circle has been busy, and the people who watched the masses witness the hard work image of the deep feeling man, because the former girlfriend burst out "cheat money", "unresponsible" and "hammer hammer"; witness the good wife and the little fresh meat pool where the good wife and the husband had been divorced. It shows that the female net red uploaded a close photo with the old artist in micro-blog, showing off the luxury of "master".

Public opinion will also be taken away by public opinion. Once the negative news and scandal are ridden, the "violent death" on the crowd will follow. The number of fans is cut down, the brand endorsement is aborted, the loss of its own brand, and the performance of the show is the standard of the scandalous artist "Star Road".

In the fans economy, "drop powder" sometimes means the end of performing arts life. It's not a big fuss in the entertainment circle.

Because when some analysts are concerned about the "flow economy" changing to the "fans economy", fans and society are quietly changing.

When asked only if idols do not ask the right and wrong, the "brain powder" is becoming a rare species.

We are used to raising higher moral standards for artists as public figures; we are used to the disdain look of "I just made the mistakes everyone can make."

"Double happiness" is no longer an old term, but a bottom line requirement for star entertainers.

So we can feel this father's justification when he says "let's go to hell together". He can see very accurately. If he is labeled negative today, it means that he may fall into the vortex of public opinion and be swallowed up and eliminated.

He took the knife called "morality" and aimed at his daughter's life.


The moral abduction should not be silent

However, what the king of Changan has to say is that public opinion disdain the filth behind the glory, and equally dislikes the moral abduction without shame.

China has been filial piety since ancient times, and the love between father and daughter is one of the most difficult emotions in the world. Generally speaking, a father has many kinds of things. He always takes the responsibility of being accompanied and supported by his daughter. This is not only a moral requirement, but also a legal provision.

Perhaps it was this concern that, despite the fact that the incident had been more than a few days ago, although the program group had issued a clarification statement, the daughter still chose to do the best and not respond.

However, father daughter relationship is not a bargaining chip. Whether it's a drug addict, a divorce from his wife at the age of two, or a 50 million alimony and a "old death", the father's scruple in front of the camera is really hard to have a basic sympathy for his experience.

The society asks for the artiste's behavior and does not mean that it is hard to find fault with others. For the frustrations of life, public opinion will be tolerant and understanding, and for the conduct of coercion in the name of morality, it will also make a fair judgement.

The daughter's peace of mind not only encouraged moral abduction, but it was more difficult to endure for a long time.

Almost all the reports mentioned here will mention another artiste Angela Chang. Since 2009, Angela Chang has been accused of being abandoned by his parents. The two sides have been entangled in 10 years. Until recently, Angela Chang's father and uncle had also complained to the media that the promise to buy a house had not been realized, and Angela Chang was asked to kneel and confess, and even threatened to destroy her career.

For artists, they can not choose their families, but they should not let families become the fate of bundling their whole lives.


Under the law, those who break the law should be afraid.

This father's "left hand legal sword, right hand media giant pen" speech is silent, but there is still a little truth in this sentence. Whether old or old, or the intimidation of family, eventually the father and daughter can believe, can rely on, or the law.

As the video says, the entanglement between father and daughter has been going on for decades, and the contradiction can not be resolved only by shouting through space. When morality and affection can no longer bind the relationship between father and daughter, it is still a law that can stop the dispute and end it.

"Honest officials can hardly break household chores," and the law does not necessarily give a satisfactory ending to this storm. However, when public morality and good customs have not been able to restrain out of control relationship, it is still the law when public opinion is surprised that the break of the father and daughter can be presented in such a naked way, and when the society is unsettled by this obvious moral "anomie", it is still the law.

If, as the father said, he had filed a lawsuit on support, he should be supported, what kind of standards should be supported, and his own judicial authorities dealt with it in accordance with the law. Whether the daughter, the public opinion or the society will be treated with a common heart.

Although the law does not measure family ties, it is ultimately the law that leads the drama to the end.

The law is worthy of being relied on, because at the both ends of the balance, there is only facts and laws, which is enough for the offenders to fear and let the law-abiding be safe.

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