Japan's largest patrol vessel closed identification system lurking offshore Kaohsiung response

Japan's largest patrol vessel closed identification system lurking offshore Kaohsiung response

The picture of the autumn Isle of the island comes from the media


According to the media reported on July 12th, the "Maria" typhoon swept the northern Taiwan land and sea area, when the Taiwan Navy and the "Sea Patrol" ship turned to the Kaohsiung port, the Japanese maritime security department 3 large public ships, including the world's most marine cruise ship "PLH32", turned off from July 10th to 11. The dynamic identification system sailed off the coast of Kaohsiung and quietly lurked for a day. The coast patrol Department said in the morning that it had the ability to control the dynamics of the surrounding waters of Taiwan, and 3 Japanese ships were to avoid the "Maria" and suspend the offshore waters of Kaohsiung.

According to reports, Taiwan Internet users through the AIS ship dynamic system, master the 3 ships of the Japanese security hall, in addition to the autumn and Tianjin Island, including PL-86, PL-14, two large public ships, three ships pass the Taipei port, turn off the automatic identification system (AIS), in close to Kaohsiung port, only to open the AIS display status.

Taiwan "Sea Patrol agency" in the morning, said the 3 Japanese official ship is for sheltered and temporarily berth in the Kaohsiung sea, "Sea Patrol" had been implemented, "Maria" through the northern waters of Taiwan, the vessel left Kaohsiung port. According to our grasp, PL-86+PL14 went west along the Taiwan Straits and PLH32 took the eastern line off the eastern outer sea.

PLH32 Qiu Jin island is an island patrol, which is the world's largest marine patrol ship until December 2014, before the service of ten thousand tons of marine police ships in the mainland, with a tonnage of about 6500 tons and a full tonnage of 7175 tons. All belong to the Yokohama third pipe area maritime security department.

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