China Peace ark hospital ship visited South Tai island state has received a grand welcome.

China Peace ark hospital ship visited South Tai island state has received a grand welcome.

At 10 hours local time in July 11th, the Chinese Navy peace ark hospital ship, carrying out the "harmonious mission -2018" mission, slowly arrived at port Manzi, and began a 8 day friendly visit to Papua New Guinea and provided humanitarian medical services. This is the peace ark again 4 years after the visit to Ba Xin.

When the Chinese Navy's Ark Ark hospital slowly moved into Port Moresby, New Guinea, Papua, the officers and men lined up on deck.

At the ceremony, Philip (Philip), the chief of the chief of staff of the national defense army, expressed warm welcome on behalf of the government and the army to visit the peace ark again, and sincerely thanked the Chinese government and the people for their sincere help to the people of the city. Xue Bing, Ambassador of China to Pakistan, said that bilateral relations have been developing historically in the past 42 years. Not long ago, Chinese President Xi Jinping met with O'neal, the Prime Minister of the country, who visited China in Beijing. The leaders of the two countries have reached a broad consensus on promoting the further development of the strategic partnership between the two countries.

The peaceful Ark's trip will surely play a positive role in promoting the consensus between the leaders of the two countries. "Harmony mission -2018" mission commander in his speech said that peace ark carrying the friendship of the Chinese people, footprints far and the three oceans of six continents 37 countries, to serve more than 18 people, known as the boat of peace, the boat of life, the boat of friendship, the visit to the two countries to promote the two forces to strengthen communication, deep communication, deep communication, deep communication between the two countries to deepen the communication, deep communication, deep To strengthen cooperation and expand exchanges, enhance the sense of participation and sense of gain of the two peoples in developing bilateral relations, and make new contributions to deepening bilateral strategic partnership.

During the visit, the mission commander will visit the military and political officials of the new army. The peace Ark will provide free medical services for the people of the new people and the Chinese institutions, and carry out joint exercises, joint diagnosis and treatment, academic exchanges, ship visits, cultural friendship and other activities to further deepen mutual understanding and enhance traditional friendship.

In June 28th, the ark of peace set sail from Zhoushan, China. After 14 days of continuous sailing, it arrived at the first stop of the mission. Peaceful ark visited Beijing in 2014 and was well received by the local people. Knowing that the peaceful ark visited again, the local people ran around to share their joy and set off a warm "Chinese style".

Knowing that the peace ark was about to visit Ba Xin, he was excited by the Chinese military medical students of the Chinese people's Liberation Army Navy Military Medical University. They recorded a welcome video as a special gift to the peace ark.

They speak Mandarin with a fixed eye.

These Ba Xin students also have Chinese names for themselves: Miao Keling, Xia, Rowling, Gu Sha and Kong Na. They said they would go to China to study abroad and tie up with China.                              

Miao Miao Ke Ling, Xia Na, Rowling, Gu Sha and Kong Nayan (from left to right) take photos at the Naval Medical University campus.

The memorable time for studying in China!

In September 2014, the peaceful ark visited the first Palestinian nation and provided humanitarian medical services. During that period, it also took part in the celebration of the independence day.

In September 11, 2014, the ark of peace arrived at port mwill.

The local people enthusiastically welcome the ark of peace with traditional dance.

The new Palestinian people are registered free in the peace ark.

On the thirty-ninth day of Independence Day celebration, the peace ark sailors band played Chinese music.

It was learned that the peace ark had carried out free medical services for 4591 people in the local people. O'neal, the Prime Minister of the hospital, went on board in front of the ship to express his thanks in front of the hospital ship. "In November, I am going to China to attend the APEC summit. I will also thank Xi Jinping for his visit to China and invite the ark of peace to visit again."                      

Time flies, four years. This year's APEC summit will be held in September in Ba Xin. O'neal said that Ba Xin is committed to deepening its strategic partnership with China and thanking China for its strong support for the APEC summit. Today, the ark of peace is invited to carry the profound friendship of the Chinese people.

Peace ark, amicable messenger!

Friendship is long!

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