Men buy new cars at the price of new cars.

Men buy new cars at the price of new cars.

Original title: for the sake of leadership, men buy their children 3 second-hand cars with public funds at the price of new cars.

When the leader signaled to sell his three cars in his son's hand, he bought three second-hand cars (a traction, two semitrailer) in public money to buy a new car. After that, Peng and his leader split the 730 thousand yuan purchase price difference.

This morning, Peng Mou, suspected of embezzlement, was tried in the second middle school. Peng pleaded guilty in court to meet the demand of production. But because the company had no qualifications and objective conditions, he had to buy the vehicle of the boss's son.

Finally, the court sentenced him to 1 years and 2 months for corruption and fined 100 thousand yuan. Mr. Peng, who was 48 years old in Beijing, was the manager of Beijing Hua Hao Hengtong Natural Gas Co., Ltd., the deputy general manager of Beijing Fangshan gas development group.

City two points inspection, Peng from 2009 to 2010, the use of the Beijing Hua Hao Hengtong Natural Gas Co., Ltd. manager and other positions to facilitate, the same (separate case) and others, with public funds to buy a new car price to buy a son actual control of a tractor and two high pressure gas long tube semitrailer, invading. The difference between the purchase and purchase of cars is more than 73 million yuan.

Prosecutors alleged that Peng and a joint implementation of corruption. The court tried to find out that from February 2008 to April 2017, Peng's direct leadership was made, using the director of the Beijing Fangshan District gas development center, the chairman of the Beijing Fangshan gas development group, the Secretary and the chairman of the Party committee of the Beijing Fangshan Gas Development Group Co., Ltd., the chairman of the Beijing Fang Kai holding group, and the opening of Beijing. The Party committee secretary and chairman of the Holding Group Co., Ltd., such as the Committee of the chairman and other functions, alone or with Peng and others, successively adopted the use of public funds to return personal consumption, purchase of shopping cards, used cars which were obviously higher than the market price to buy relatives, and illegal subsidies, and other ways to embezzlement of more than 259 million yuan.

It is reported that at one time, he used to serve as the chairman of the Fang Kai Group and the Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the Fang Kai company, and illegally received 6 million 670 thousand yuan. In addition to embezzlement and bribery, 600 thousand yuan was misappropriated to public funds, and 20 million yuan from the subsidiary company was borrowed to the development company for operation for two times, and the interest rate was 2 million 813 thousand yuan.

Before the incident, all the public funds appropriated at one place were all returned. A few days ago, the second court of First Instance sentenced to a fixed term of 13 years' imprisonment for the crime of corruption, bribery and misappropriation of public funds.

Court trial

Pleaded guilty to pleading guilty and pleaded not to appeal at 9 a.m.

In a testimony, the driver of a certain company confirmed that he had returned to Handan for two semi-trailers at the end of 2008.

Peng once said that in 2010, he had asked for the purchase of a compressed natural gas Trailer. The boss said two car companies paid 1 million 60 thousand yuan and 110 thousand yuan respectively.

Witness Li said in testimony, around 2008, bought two semi-trailers at a certain company to undertake the work of transporting compressed natural gas. At the end of 2009, at the beginning of 2010, he was asked to sell his son's car to his group affiliated company. After contact with Peng, Lee sent the invoice to the past, after which the situation is not clear.

In addition, in December 15, 2009, Peng's company bought a tractor from Lee for more than 29 yuan. The car was bought by a son in 2008 with the help of Peng.

In order to meet production demand, the company needed to buy a tractor and two high pressure gas long tube semitrailer, but in order to buy a new car without a transport qualification, Peng can only choose to buy a qualified used car because of the objective conditions, Peng's defender said in a court.

In the case of a son who happens to have the vehicle needed by the company, he will purchase the two vehicles directly for the purpose of putting into operation as soon as possible.

In court, Peng said he had no objection to the evidence and prosecution opinions provided by the prosecution. "I plead guilty to my crimes. As a national worker, my behavior violated the red line of law and caused losses to enterprises. I obey the penalty and do not appeal. Ask the judge to give me a light punishment. " Peng said.

Finally, the court sentenced him to 1 years and 2 months for corruption and fined 100 thousand yuan.

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