Russian expert: poisoning case in Britain is not excluded from Russia.

Russian expert: poisoning case in Britain is not excluded from Russia.

Original title: Russian expert Tan Ying and his wife were poisoned: Russia was deliberately committed in the world cup.

Overseas network July 12 (June 30th), in the UK, a British couple had been exposed to the poisoning by a British couple of neurotoxic agents, in which women died on Sunday (8 days) at the local time. The Russian spy Skrypal and his daughter, Yulia, also suffered the same poison before March, and the drug was developed by the Soviet Union, causing a strong British dissatisfaction with Russia. The British and Russian were again in a war of mouth on this matter. Recently, Russian experts have made the latest response to this matter.

According to the Russian satellite network, geopolitical analyst Adam Gary said in an interview: "Britain is at the moment to shirk responsibility and let the outside world doubt its own ability to control chemical stocks." Gary believes that the poisoning incident may also be related to the Russian World Cup and the upcoming "universal conference" to be held in Helsinki.

After the incident, the British government once asked Russia to give a reasonable explanation, which aroused great concern in Moscow. Moscow Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov once said that it is lack of factual basis to link the poisoning incident with Russia.

Not far from the site, according to a chemical weapons laboratory in Britain, Gary said, "the effects of the chemical weapons laboratory on a person's health seem far greater than Russia, and the whereabouts of the victims and the direction of chemical weapons in the UK are very weak. "."

It is reported that after the exposure of Russian spies and their daughters in March this year, the UK also blamed Moscow for "poisoning" to the two, but so far Britain has failed to produce strong evidence. Gary told reporters: "the initial investigation report of the police showed that two people had taken drugs before they were poisoned, and they did not exclude the possibility of cocaine and heroin."

Gary analyzed that the official narrative given by the British side is increasingly untenable. On the contrary, from the perspective of the Russian World Cup, we can see some clues. 2 people were poisoned by a poison in the first 3 months of the world cup, and a couple of poisoned events occurred during the Russian and England elimination games against Columbia until the recent semi-final in England. The series of events can not be ruled out by someone or related organizations attempting to graft Russia.

In addition, Gary said, "apart from the world cup, it may also be very much related to the upcoming" universal conference ". Therefore, the poisoning of the event is likely to be deliberate. According to Gary, no one seemed to know what had happened, or those who should have known it chose silence.

At present, the investigation of poisoning incidents is still in progress. (overseas network Wei Xuewei)

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Two cases of poisoning by a nerve agent poisoning in Britain have died.

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