The Senate passed the proposal to limit Trump's duty but no legal effect.

The Senate passed the proposal to limit Trump's duty but no legal effect.

Original title: the US Senate adopts the overwhelming majority of votes to pass the bill, seeking to restrict Trump's tariff power.

[global network comprehensive report] 11 days local time, the United States Senate passed a bill by 88:11's overwhelming votes to restrain Trump's presidential power to impose import duties on the grounds of national security.

The Huffington Post reported that the Senate on Wednesday (11) passed a bill by the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Kirk (Bob Corker), which aims to allow Congress to play a role in determining when the United States will be able to impose tariffs on other countries on the basis of "national security".   

The reports say both parties have accused Trump of abusing the 232nd article of the 1962 trade expansion act to empower him and impose steel and aluminum tariffs on allies such as Canada and European Union Member States.

It is reported that Arizona Senator Jeff Fleck criticized Trump's tariff policy and said, after the proposal was passed, "this is a condemnation of the president's abuse of trade power." He also said that this is only the beginning, and that the next step will be to restrict the president's behavior through legislation.

However, the report also mentioned that the bill is a non binding proposal and has no legal effect. It is included in the Appropriation Bill related to energy and water resources.   

At the same time, it is reported that the proposal is unlikely to get a similar response in the house of Representatives. Speaker of the house of Representatives, Paul Ryan, told reporters on Wednesday that although he opposed tariffs, he did not want to "stifle the president" in negotiations with world leaders.

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