Su Xiangmao family and Zhai Xin Xin case held pretrial meeting today

Su Xiangmao family and Zhai Xin Xin case held pretrial meeting today

News of the new Beijing News (reporter Liu Yang) today (12) morning (12) morning, the founder of Su Xiangmao family sued Su Xiangmao's ex-wife Zhai Xin Xin's contract disputes, tort liability and other cases called before the court meeting, the exchange of evidence, Zhai Xinxin himself to the scene. Beijing News reporter learned that the need to verify the WeChat on both sides of the mobile phone, the whole meeting for 5 hours, and around the scope of the property, whether there are fraud coercion, the death of the Soviet Union and the causation of the defendant's causation, but it has not yet touched on the substantive trial.

The pre - court meeting this morning did not take place publicly, the new Beijing News reporter learned that in the early morning, three brothers and one sister of Su Henry came to the scene of the trial, and the other, Zhai Xinxin and his father, came to the court in person.

According to the previous disclosure, the relatives of Suzhou Xinxin involved three civil cases, including two contract disputes, and a dispute that asked Zhai Xin Xin to return the property. Three cases required Zhai Xin Xin to return tens of millions of property. Today is the evidence exchange around three cases.

The new Beijing News reported that in September 7, 2017, the founder of WePhone, founder of Su Henry, died and left a book that he asked for 10 million yuan and a set of real estate after a marriage website met Zhai Xinxin and was divorced. Since no 10 million of them are desperate, they choose to leave the world and leave a dialogue with their ex-wife in the album. After the birth, Zhai Xinxin and his family commissioned a lawyer to represent the relevant legal matters.

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