Taiwan media: Taiwan army plans to deploy 6 155 howitzer in Taiping Island, Nansha.

Taiwan media: Taiwan army plans to deploy 6 155 howitzer in Taiping Island, Nansha.

According to the media in July 12th, Taiwan "Sea Patrol" said that the "Ministry of national defense" plans to move 6 doors and 155 pomegranates to the Nansha Taiping Island, and to set up the "155 pomegranate squadron" of the southern regional patrol Bureau's sixth bank patrol. In the future, if the situation changes, the "coast guard" will deploy the artillery squadron to Taiping island in accordance with the contingency plan and deploy it to the calibrated firing position.

The 155 artillery images of Taiwan's "coast guard department" are from Taiwan media.

According to reports, the Taiwan "Sea Patrol Department" and the platform "Army Logistics Command" signed various types of arms and ammunition entrustment support agreement for 3 years, 1 years, 2017-2019 years, the annual budget of NT $1 million (about 210 thousand RMB); and the Navy War Department factory signed the 2017-2018 annual 8 40mm/L60 artillery commissioning agreement, the annual budget 60 NT $130 thousand (NT $1 million 600 thousand) totals NT $1 million 600 thousand (about RMB 350 thousand).

The "Sea Patrol agency" said that the eastern and Nansha defense weapons and the island's law enforcement service weapons include 9 items of 4585 items such as light weapons and fire arms. According to the number of maintenance fees, univalent and damage rates of various weapons, 3 million 56 thousand and 940 yuan (about 670 thousand yuan) should be compiled, and the requirements for the defense energy of East Nansha, in 2017, are required. The firing frequency of artillery is adjusted from half a year to quarterly implementation. In order to find the best state of the weapon's proper rate, 1 million 600 thousand NT $350 thousand yuan (about 350 thousand RMB) is compiled by the budget of support agreement in 2018, and 520 thousand yuan (about 110 thousand yuan) is added to the year of 2017, and the equipment is ensured.

The "Sea Patrol Department" does not have the technical inspection of ammunition weapons and ammunition and the processing of unexploded ammunition. Before shooting of the artillery of Taiping Island, 5-6 members of the professional artillery officers should be assigned by the Ministry of national defense to carry out surveying and assisting on the island in order to improve the firing efficiency of the "Sea Patrol" artillery. The "Ministry of defense" plans to move 6 doors and 155 pomegranates to the Taiping island of Nansha. At present, the Southern District patrol Bureau's sixth shore patrol unit "155 pomegranate squadron", the "Sea Patrol Department" and the "Ministry of national defense" closely monitor Taiping Island, only 11 km from Taiping Island, Vietnam, dun Qian Sha Chau, and find the Vietnam withdrawal from the artillery, the South China Sea level is flat. Sure, Taiwan also decided to let the squadron stand in Kaohsiung. But in the future, if "the situation changes", the "Sea Patrol Department" will take the artillery squadron to Taiping Island quickly, and deploy it to the calibrated artillery.

At present, 120 mortars are deployed on Taiping Island, the maximum range is 6100 meters, and 40 artillery L/60 has 7160 guns. In the future, the maximum range of 155 howitzer will reach 14600 meters.

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