The girl was besieged by a vicious dog to rescue the neighbors. Two people were bitten by blood.

The girl was besieged by a vicious dog to rescue the neighbors. Two people were bitten by blood.

Original title: neighbors aunt aunt dog rescued girls during the summer vacation, please pay attention to children's safety.

In the morning of July 11th, the 8 year old Xiao Tang (the pseudonym) was lying on the bed in the ward of the Hunan Children's Hospital, with a full scars and horror in his eyes. One side of the father, Mr. Zhang, holding his daughter's hand, comforted her.

During the school summer vacation, the family took Xiao Tang and her brother to go home to visit their family, and the two brothers and sisters were out of curiosity to see the pup, but they were besieged by a big dog.

Luckily, this scene was just found by the neighbour. Aunt Zhao, 54, lost his hand and ran out to save the child. The child was saved, but he was bitten by his blood. At present, Zhao Auntie and Xiao Tang have been treated in Changsha, and the situation is relatively stable.

Girls return home to visit their relatives and be besieged by a vicious dog

8 year old Xiao Tang reads a grade two in a primary school in Changsha. After school summer vacation, her family and her 10 year old brother return to Yueyang county to visit their grandparents. It was a happy summer vacation, but now it has been admitted to the hospital.

Mr. Zhang, the father of Xiao Tang, recalled that at 5 p.m. on July 10th, the family was eating together, and after the two siblings were finished eating out and playing, the family did not care too much at that time. As a result, the two children just went out very soon, and the accident happened. Mr. Zhang said that there were many dogs in the village, and two children went out to see the puppies who had been born for a few days out of curiosity.

"When the big dog suddenly came back, he chased the child and bit it." Mr. Zhang said that the family raised large dogs and jumped up to be tall and very fierce. Older brother ran faster and ran home to shout for help from adults. Her sister ran slowly and was besieged by the dog. Luckily, when the child was bitten by a dog, aunt Zhao, a neighbor, heard the cry, and ran to rescue him. At this time, many parts of the body were bitten, the face, groin, head and other blood was fuzzy. Later, the child was sent to a local hospital and rabies vaccine was taken in the Department of disease control. Due to the serious injury of Xiao Tang, he was sent to Hunan Children's Hospital overnight.

In July 11th, Zhang Yanbing, a physician in charge of general surgery at Hunan Children's Hospital, said that all the children were bitten all over the body, mainly on the surface of the body. At present, debridement and suture has been carried out, and the child has also been vaccinated against rabies in the Department of disease control.

When she heard the baby crying, she rushed to save the man

In the emergency department of Xiangya No.2 Hospital of Central South University, Zhao aunt, 54 years old, was lying on her bed, with gauze on her head and blood stains on her gauze.

"She saved the child, but she was bitten by blood." She was full of tears in her eyes, and she recalled that at 5 p.m. on the 10 day, her mother was feeding the pig at home, and suddenly she heard a baby cry from a little distance.

"Is the child bitten by the dog?" Hearing the cry, aunt Zhao had this idea in mind, because she knew that her neighbor had several large dogs.

Aunt Zhao quickly put down her work and picked up a stick and ran out. Sure enough, two dogs were chasing two children. She ran over to drive the dog away and rescued the bitten child.

Miss long said that the mother rescued the bitten child, perhaps angered the dog, so the two dogs rushed up again and rushed her mother into the field. It was not until the people came around that they rescued their mother. "Mom said she would not be able to save the child, but she was hurt so badly." Ms. long said that her mother had been bitten by blood, especially her head, and her body was also scarred. The family sent her to the local hospital first, because the situation was serious and was sent to Xiangya No.2 Hospital of Central South University for treatment overnight. The reporter learned from the hospital that the wounds of the wounded were relatively large. Doctors have debrided and sutured, and the next step is mainly anti infection and anti-inflammatory treatment.


How to deal with the emergency after being bitten

Zhang Yanbing, the chief physician of the Hunan Children's Hospital, said that rabies is an acute infectious disease of the central nervous system, which is caused by rabies virus. The main clinical manifestations are manic, fear, fear of wind, water, saliva and spasm of the pharynx. If not treated in time, it can lead to respiratory tract and digestive tract damage, and also cause renal failure, which can seriously endanger life.

Once bitten by a dog, how to deal with it urgently? Zhang Yanbing introduced, encountered by the dog bites, the first oppression of hemostasis, and then rinse for 30 minutes or so, after cleaning the wound to the hospital to receive further treatment.

Zhang Yanbing reminded that the prevention of rabies should first vaccinated family animals and manage stray animals. After being bitten or scratched by animals, wash the wound repeatedly with 20% soapy water, and usually do not stitch the wound. Use antibiotics when necessary, and use Tetanus Antitoxin when the wound is deep. Once a person is bitten, a rabies vaccine must be injected immediately, and the rabies immunoglobulin is needed for serious cases. The doctor will deal with it according to the exposure.

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