The 5 golf courses were banned because of fraud. Wanda had participated in 2 golf courses.

The 5 golf courses were banned because of fraud. Wanda had participated in 2 golf courses.

Original title: "fraud, resurgence", 5 golf courses were banned! Wanda has been involved in the 2

The winding river, the green grass, the rolling hills, and the scattered trees. Such a golf course is undoubtedly a great enjoyment.

But you know, for such an artificial beauty, it will cost huge environmental costs. Moreover, some illegal construction of golf courses, occupation of river courses, groundwater extraction irrigation, a large number of pesticides and fertilizers...... An illegal golf course may bring more environmental hazards than an ordinary factory.

In recent years, various departments began to carry out golf course cleaning and renovation work. By the end of 2017, 115 golf courses had been banned.

Yesterday (July 11th), the Ministry of housing and urban and rural development website published the "5 illegal golf courses banned by state ministries and commissions".

Each minor (nbdnews) found that two of the golf courses in Dalian, Baishan City, Fusong County, Jilin Province, were also listed in the banned list.

"Falsification, resurgence, resumption of construction, concealment and no reporting"

In July 11th, the Ministry of housing and urban rural development published the "5 illegal golf courses banned by the state ministries and commissions". The results show that two summer Golf Courses in Jilin Fusong Changbai Mountain International Ski Center, Jilin Fusong Changbai Mountain international skiing center, amusement snow area summer golf course, Heilongjiang Harbin Sun Island sports park golf course, Jiangsu Yangzhou East golf course and Guizhou Guiyang Pauli Park 2010 golf course. All of them have been banned.

In 2017, the Ministry of housing and Construction said that the 11 departments of the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of land and resources, the Ministry of land and resources, the Ministry of environmental protection, the Ministry of water conservancy, the Ministry of agriculture, the Ministry of agriculture, the General Administration of industry and commerce, the General Administration of sports, the former State Forestry Bureau, the former National Tourism Bureau, the original Banking Regulatory Commission and other departments of the State Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of land and resources, the Ministry of land and resources, the Ministry of water conservancy, the Ministry of agriculture, the Ministry of agriculture and industry, the Ministry of industry and commerce, the General Administration of industry and commerce, the Ministry of industry and commerce, the Ministry of industry and commerce, the State Forestry Bureau, the national forestry bureau, the former national forestry bureau, the former National Tourism Bureau and the original Banking Regulatory Commission. Continue to carry out golf course cleaning and renovation work, found that the above 5 golf courses are fraudulent, resurgence, recovery construction, concealment and other serious problems, have been banned by the local government, and seriously investigated the responsibility of the relevant units and personnel. By the end of 2017, 115 golf courses had been banned in the national golf course.

It is worth noting that of the 5 banned golf courses, two of the golf courses in Fusong, Baishan City, Jilin, are in the Changbai Mountain holiday resort, which was previously invested by the Wanda Group in Dalian.

According to CCTV News reported on December 2017, as early as 2004, the State Council issued a notice to stop the new golf course. The national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of land and resources and other ministries and commissions have also followed the following, the golf courses and villas real estate development, such as the restricted land catalogue, and prohibit the development of such construction projects.

However, in August 2017, the first environmental protection inspection team of the central government stationed in Jilin Province found that there were problems of illegal construction and illegal operation. In October 1, 2017, the government of the Fusong County, where the golf course was located, asked the song Valley court and the birch court to eliminate all the characteristics of the golf course. The original land was restored to its original use in accordance with the plan.

It can be seen from the map that before December 2009, the location of the Changbai Mountain valley golf course, the birch golf course and the forest villa was still a piece of green woodland, but in 2011, it was developed in succession, revealing a large area of yellow spots.

Daily economic news (micro signal: nbdnews) had previously reported that in early 2009, Dalian Wanda Group, pan Hai holding group, Dalian side group, Yili resource group and other investment parties signed the investment contract with Fusong County, and developed the Changbai Mountain international holiday resort. The North District project was laid down in August 28, 2009, and the southern resort project started in May 28, 2010.

Over time, many investors gradually withdrew from Wanda Changbai Mountain project. In a shareholder change in June 16, 2017, Wanda also disappeared from the shareholders of the Changbai Mountain international holiday resort development limited, and the Dalian Party group became its major shareholder.

However, in November 29, 2017, after Wanda quit the list of shareholders, the Wanda Group official website still appeared on the Changbai Mountain international holiday resort article, named "Changbai Mountain International Holiday Zone Management Company".

After Wanda withdrew from the property, two golf courses in the resort area were banned by the Fusong county government in October 2017. In December 2017, the first environmental supervision group of the Central Committee of the central government explained to an inspection report of Jilin province that the Changbai Mountain international skiing center project was in the process of carrying out the construction of two golf courses and 93 villas without authorization.

According to CCTV news reports, in 2009, Fusong County, Jilin Province, in preparation for the Twelfth National Winter Games in the name of the two winter games and athletes apartments, to Jilin and the state departments to apply for construction land for approval. At the time, the State Forestry Administration issued a statement on the audit of the use of woodland. It stated that the construction project was two winter and an athlete's apartment, and clearly stated that "the design and construction of the national forbidden land golf course, the villa kind of real estate and so on should not be changed at will."

Finally, for a variety of reasons, the division of the Winter Games did not fall into Changbai Mountain, but the two items submitted to the Games were turned into golf courses and villas.

In order to ensure the landing of the project, the Fusong county government also signed a guarantee agreement for the developers, which clearly stated: "party a must guarantee that Party B can operate golf," "on the land of the villa, Party A agrees to make a double spell and a joint project to set up a project," and "give the party a pre sale license in time".

The head of the Jilin Fusong Economic Development Zone Management Committee said:

As we say, at that time, Wanda had a project to invest 23 billion in Fusong, and such a big project settled. It was a shock or exciting for everyone to carry out such a project. This may also be a condition for the enterprise.

Villa owner: consultations with Wanda

Or compensate for and return the principal at 4.7% interest

In addition to ski resorts and golf courses, there are villas in Changbai Mountain international resort. In January this year, the daily economic news (nbdnews) reporter saw in a holiday town, a villa project called the "forest house". The sales center has been locked in the door, and there is a thick layer of snow in front of the door.

According to statistics, the planning of golf courses and villas in Changbai Mountain international tourism resort covers an area of 359.28 hectares. As an important supporting project for the whole tourist holiday, the elimination of the cost of illegal projects is self-evident.

On the report of the Changbai Mountain international tourism resort, the CCTV reporters saw that the loss of the golf course was up to hundreds of billions of dollars. On the basis of the security agreement between the government and the enterprise, the party once proposed that "if the operation was punished in the course of operation", the Party A (that is, the government) The government should take full responsibility and compensate for all losses.

Due to incomplete procedures, in the name of "athlete's apartment", the first phase of the construction of the first 93 180 sets of villas has not been right, for those who bought the house, the future is a difficult problem.

The Chinese business newspaper reported in May this year. At the end of April this year, when reporters came to the resort, the golf course had been excavated by the excavator, some of the trees were pulled up and down, the golf course was empty, and the sales staff of the villa part were moving. "No, it's going to be dismantled. After that, it is possible to build a RV camp. " A staff member said.

I bought a set of about 4000000 yuan, and I have a property certificate, and I also rented a set, formerly used mainly as a summer tourism rental, I did not expect to have just done a few years, now said the demolition is dismantled.

Villa owner Wang said that now Wanda is negotiating with us, intends to return the principal in accordance with 4.7% interest to compensate.

When the reporter came to the resort project in the early May, it was found that the area had been blocked by blue, and the excavators were dismantled in an orderly way and the tiles were scattered.

Shenzhen Land Committee:

Land for golf course in Shenzhen will be recovered free of charge.

In addition to Wanda, the large enterprises involved in the banned golf course also have poly. Guiyang poly Park 2010 golf course is a project developed by Poly Real estate, which covers an area of 6000 mu and is located in Wudang District, Guiyang. According to surging news reports, in 2010, Poly Real estate at the base price of 871 million yuan to win the plot of poly park. At that time the land was planned for ecotourism sports, hotels, cultural and recreational facilities and residential land, but then it was developed and built into golf courses and villas in the process of development.

In July 6th, the Shenzhen news network reported that the Shenzhen Fukuda central area of the Shenzhen golf club, which covers nearly 1.4 square kilometers, has entered the countdown to the land.

According to the relevant laws and regulations, the land use rights of the B115-0038 field of the Shenzhen golf course will be recovered without compensation according to the relevant laws and regulations, and the buildings and structures on the ground will be properly compensated for in Shenzhen golf course. In the future, this land will be included in the planning of Xiangmi Lake area.

According to media reports, Shenzhen golf course covers an area of nearly 1.4 square kilometers, with a total area of 3 times that of all community parks in Futian District. The club was officially opened in November 1985, and the land was obtained unpaid by administrative allocation. At that time, a non commodity land certificate was used for sports land. It was used for 30 years and expired in February 17, 2015.

How great is the harm of building a golf course?

Illegal construction of golf courses is not only a simple violation. In fact, a lot of illegal golf courses are harmful to the environment.

According to the economic reference daily, high water consumption and high pollution are the two original sins of golf courses.

In recent years, golf courses everywhere, some serious water shortage is not suitable for the development of golf areas also blind construction, illegal occupation of land, high water consumption and high pollution problems, and the relevant departments and local governments are "open one eye closed one eye", and golf field "tacit agreement".

It is understood that the annual average water consumption of a 18 hole golf course is about 400 thousand tons. In the golf industry, a well-known "secret" is that some golf courses take ground water as a water source for lawn irrigation, and some are built in the course of the river by pumping underground water through well drilling, and there are many dark wells in the field, and free groundwater is extracted free of charge.

More golf courses are built around rivers, reservoirs, and even fragile ecological areas, and extremely water scarcity areas, causing great damage to the ecological environment.

In addition, the golf course looks green and green, but behind it is a large supply of pesticide and fertilizer.

Qinghe golf course, which is closer to the Qinghe River in Beijing, was officially opened in 2008. Due to the pollution of the environment, it was affected at the very beginning of its construction.

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