Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon accidentally fell 2 dead and 4 injured the city's hidden dangers

Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon accidentally fell 2 dead and 4 injured the city's hidden dangers

Original title: Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon accidentally fell 2 dead and 4 injured the city's scenic spots to investigate safety hazards

Zhangjiajie July 12th news of the red net (correspondent Zhang Xin) Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Scenic Spot in July 11th occurred a mountain slope stone caused by 2 deaths and 4 injuries to tourists.

11 in the afternoon at 16:40, the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Scenic Valley Valley valley bottom road "double turtle exploration brook" 100 meters before, from the canyon high about 80 meters above the mountain slope unexpectedly rolling stones, on the spot, 1 tourists died, 1 lost water and 4 people were injured.

After the accident, Zhangjiajie and Cili county quickly organized the safe evacuation of tourists, and organized a professional search and rescue team composed of maritime, fire and scenic spots. The night was carried out all night to search and rescue. At 9 a.m. on the 12 morning, the corpse of the missing tourist gold was found in the scenic valley.

At present, 2 dead persons are confirmed: Fu Mou, male, 20 years old, Lixian people in Hunan province; Jin Mou, female, 44 years old, Wenzhou Lucheng people. The family members of the deceased have been notified to deal with the funeral. 4 injured persons have been sent to Zhangjiajie People's Hospital for treatment. The condition is stable and is not life-threatening.

After the accident, the main leaders of Zhangjiajie and Cili County attach great importance to the leaders of the city and county, and send the relevant municipal and county leaders to the scene quickly, and organize the post affairs and accident investigation by the public security, tourism, safety, insurance, land and other related departments to ensure the proper handling of the dead and wounded tourists.

In the early morning of 12, the municipal government of the Zhangjiajie municipal Party committee reconvened an emergency dispatch meeting to do a good job in the treatment of the wounded, the investigation of the accident, the treatment of the aftertreatment and the humane care for the families of the dead and wounded. Decided to close the glass Canyon bridge in Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Scenic Area, close other routes, and conduct thorough investigation and rectification of hidden dangers.

The municipal government of Zhangjiajie municipal municipal Party committee has also been fully deployed in all scenic spots in the city to carry out a large survey on the hidden dangers of tourist safety, to ensure the frequent occurrence of heavy rain and multiple geological disasters, to eliminate the hidden dangers of security and to ensure the safety of tourism.

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