Ctrip pushes female employees' exclusive fertility benefits up to 2 million and 7 days paid leave.

Ctrip pushes female employees' exclusive fertility benefits up to 2 million and 7 days paid leave.

Recently, Ctrip announced that it would widen the content and use of fertility fund within the company, provide 100 thousand yuan -200 million yuan for senior female managers, and not more than 7 days of paid vacation, so that they can enjoy high-tech assisted reproductive welfare, such as frozen eggs.

It is reported that after the Facebook and apple, the world's third major technology companies to provide this assisted reproductive welfare.

Public information shows that frozen egg technology can freeze high quality eggs in order to take out the use of offspring in the future, or that it can be understood as "a reproductive insurance by means of scientific and technological means". Previously, Facebook and Apple Corp began offering this maternity benefit program for female employees in 2014 and 2015 respectively.

"The company provides assisted reproductive welfare to solve the worries of women of childbearing age, to help them fully enjoy the process of working in the golden period of their career, and at the same time, not to delay their cultivation of the next generation." For the above policy, Liang Jianzhang, chairman of the Ctrip co founder and executive board, said.

Liang Jianzhang, the chairman of the Executive Board of Ctrip, is also a professor of economics research at the Guanghua School of Management in Peking University, and is also a well-known domestic demographer. In recent years, he has been focusing on the impact of population on economic development and innovation and entrepreneurship.

In Liang Jianzhang's view, both technological innovation and economic development require a certain population base to complete. However, it is not easy to reverse the attitude of Chinese people to fertility. "The cost of childbearing in China is increasing year by year, and the proportion of Chinese women in the work is also the highest in the world." To sum up, the opportunity cost of Chinese women is higher.

According to the data published in the female white paper published in March this year, women accounted for 61% of the women in Ctrip, of which 50% and 34% were women in middle and senior management. By contrast, in 2016, only 19.6% of the top 25 technology companies in Silicon Valley were women.

How to balance women's career development and family relationship is an important topic in Ctrip with higher female employees.

In addition to the above-mentioned reproductive benefits, Ctrip also implemented a number of policies aimed at women's welfare and encouragement, for example, providing 3000 yuan extra childbirth allowance for female employees and reimbursement for commuting to work. It is understood that only pregnant women employees to pay the cost of car reimbursement, Ctrip annual expenditure of more than 3 million yuan.

In addition, the pregnant women staff, Ctrip also provided a special pregnant women reclining chair, and each floor to the lactation staff equipped with mother and baby room, to meet the needs of women employees in various periods.

According to the public information, Ctrip received a number of social awards such as "happiness promotion partners" and "the most suitable for female growth enterprises" by relying on a number of women's welfare security in the enterprise early this year.

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