People's online review: why false advertisements exist?

People's online review: why false advertisements exist?

Author: Qin Ning

"A steady profit, 100% principal guarantee" "must pass the exam, the most authoritative English training institutions" "the lowest price of the whole network" "radical radical cure, never rebound" "used to say good"... It is reported that in recent years, some local TV stations, newspapers and periodicals or network platforms have played some false advertisements illegally and misled consumers. Coincidentally, reporters investigating and combing the Internet platform advertising also found many problems advertising, such as "a few dollars can buy a refrigerator"......

There are countless consumers who have been cheated by false advertisements. People around us have encountered more or less. Although consumers are suffering and suffering, they often face the embarrassment of the high cost of safeguarding their rights, and sometimes they have to eat up. False advertisements emerge in an endless stream and are repeatedly banned. Who gives courage? Who is the accomplice and who is escorting the escort? Consumers are being cheated rather than blaming them for being too credulous about exaggerated publicity. Why do they ask why false advertising has landed on related platforms again and again?

Generally speaking, a lot of advertisements have TV shopping channels and well-known Internet platforms "endorsement" and platform. For the trust of the related platform, consumers are often convinced, such as a report mentioned in a case: "save money, save water, save time, do not occupy the place" "7 days unconditional return, 15 days change"... The advertisement of a brand mini washing machine is broadcast on a TV shopping channel. There is also a live demonstration in the TV advertisement. A consumer in Linqing, Shandong, bought it by calling the hotline. Who knows the quality of washing machine is found to be inferior after purchase, but there is no door to return. "Say seven days unconditional return, how to say nothing about integrity!"

Enterprises should not be honest and punish. Should the TV stations broadcast false advertisements bear the responsibility? China's advertising law clearly stipulates that advertisements should not contain false or misleading contents, and should not deceive or mislead consumers. The problem ads are popular on some TV stations, and TV stations use their own credibility to accompany them to earn ill gotten gains.

The publicity campaign of "integrity building" is presided over by the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China. One of the major features of this activity is to carry out supervision and report on the prominent problems of mass reflection, and to create a good atmosphere of "knowledge, letter, and trustworthiness", to promote the joint participation of the whole society, and to provide strong moral support and credit system for the development of the economy and society. It is not hard to see that false advertising is a prominent problem of mass concentration, and it has reached the point where it can not be solved.

False advertising is a great harm. In addition to the loss of consumers, it has also created social integrity. As a result, enterprises do not speak good faith, rely on false propaganda to make a lot of money, and be unfair to enterprises that are legally operated; the second related platforms are forgetting to provide a platform for false advertising, not only to damage their own image, but also to aggravate the crisis of trust. The letter must be reserved. For this reason, the responsible persons must be dealt with according to the regulations according to law.

It is worth mentioning that the State Administration of radio and television (State Administration of radio and television), in addition to requiring the broadcasting and television broadcasting institutions at all levels to stop broadcasting related advertisements, also proposes to increase supervision, and should be based on the repeated violations. Request, investigate the relevant personnel responsibility. Unfortunately, in recent years, some TV stations have repeatedly played false advertisements. In addition to being fined, almost no one has been held accountable. Some scholars have suggested that, up to now, more false advertising is administrative punishment. The provisions of "criminal liability in accordance with the law" in the advertising law are often not put into practice. From the point of view, we should intensify the punishment of false advertisements and enhance the legal deterrent effect.

In the thirty-seventh collective study of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, general secretary Xi Jinping stressed that to the outstanding problem of lack of honesty, we should not only build up a credit system covering the whole society, but also perfect the mechanism of good faith and credit award and the punishment mechanism of breaking the law, so that people dare not lose faith and fail to trust. At present, China's credit system has made great achievements, but we must not ignore the terrible consequences of false advertising. To protect the dignity of the law, protect the rights and interests of consumers, let the illegal and dishonest punishment mechanism release more effect. The social atmosphere of "knowing, using and keeping faith" will become more strong. The living space of false advertising will be more and more cramped, and the integrity of the whole society can be constantly rising.

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