Shanghai's "tiger craftsman" launched by the Supreme Court focusing on financial cases


Original title: Supreme Procuratorate focuses on financial cases, Shanghai tiger tiger craftsman

Source: the Beijing daily Chang'an Avenue intimate

This morning, a news conference was held at the highest level. The Deputy Attorney General of Tong Jianming issued a number of guiding cases around the theme of financial crime, including Zhu Weiming's manipulation of the securities market, Zhou Hui's fund-raising fraud, Ye Jingsheng and other organizations.

Financial crimes are highly professional, and the means of crime are novel and concealed, which pose a challenge to the prosecutor's handling ability.

In the case of Zhu Weiming, Zhu Weiming used his own "network V" and the identity of a securities broker to make public evaluation, prediction and introduction of the stock that he bought first, and sell the related stock and transaction amount in the two trading days after the program's first broadcast. About 40 million yuan, an illegal profit of more than 70 yuan, the impact is very bad.

Chang'an Avenue ID:Capitalnews (WeChat) noted at the site of the conference that the Zhu Weiming case was the first branch of the Shanghai procuratorate and the "tigers craftsman", and he also found a "tigers" Feng Jun case involving hundreds of millions of yuan.

Feng Jun, who was the general manager of the Shanghai Municipal Electric Power Company and Deputy Secretary of the Party committee in December 2011, was the character of the power system. He has been labeled as an enterprising and hard nut to crack, and has won the title of the National Labor Medal of the May 1 and a national Power Grid Corp special labor model.

In October 2014, Feng Jun was sacked and his wife was arrested. In the case of the case, the Feng Jun family held 4 sets of property, worth more than 6900 million yuan, with a total value of more than 3900 million yuan in the possession of banks and securities, and 12 kinds and 4239 pieces of valuables such as calligraphy and painting, jewel jade, high-grade wine, ivory, clocks and so on. It was worth more than 5300 yuan.

In the fact that Feng Jun was accused of accepting bribes, it included providing help for many businesses to undertake power company cable business, software opening, and supply meters. He was "greeting" in the bidding process and the head of the bidding office, and asked him to "take care in the same situation", and the successful bidding enterprises gave Feng Jun a generous return.

Faced with such a high amount of money, many categories of cases, the difficulty of investigation can be imagined.

After Gu Jia took over the case, the registration of more than 4000 stolen money and stolen goods, and the accurate distinction between the illegal income and legal income of Feng Jun, is a big and time-consuming project.

In order to make each section clear of the fact of bribery and the huge assets of every source of unknown origin, Gu Jia and the team have done a lot of verification, and some words and paintings are even sent to the the Imperial Palace Museum for identification, which eventually locks the exact amount of the crime. "Justice is not only for victims, but also for defendants," Gu said.

In March this year, the court found that Feng Jun took advantage of the position of the general manager of Jiangsu electric power company, or co - receive bribes together with others or more than 4340 yuan, and more than 7600 yuan of property could not explain the legal source.

These about 76000000 unknown sources of property, Gu Jia refined to a few points after the decimal point. These figures are proved to be very accurate by the accounts of the presiding judge.

In the eyes of his colleagues, Gu Jia has rich experience in public prosecution. He is known for his accuracy in handling cases. He has been appraised as an excellent prosecutor in Shanghai and a top ten prosecutor in the whole country. He has handled some influential crimes of job-related crimes and financial crimes.

Gu Jia had complained about China's first case of manipulation of the futures market, the case of market manipulation. However, he had never met with futures trading before and had to learn professional knowledge quickly in a short time.

"For the concept of stock index futures, single empty list, market range and so on, I almost zero basis before contact cases, in order to master the initiative of handling cases, we actively read a lot of related books, while visiting a number of professional institutions to learn and consult." Gu Jia said.

Financial security is closely related to the national economy and the people's livelihood. In recent years, procuratorial organs have focused on combating financial crimes and preventing financial risks. In June 25th, the Committee of the Committee of the Supreme Procuratorate and the director of the Research Office of law and policy, Wan Chun, stressed at the press conference that the financial cases of financial crimes in key areas such as Internet finance, securities futures and bank insurance would be strictly investigated.

"The high incidence of financial crime cases not only destroys the normal economic order of our country, but also affects the financial security and social stability of our country. It has become an important hidden danger of the financial systemic risk. It is necessary to take measures to regulate, combat and prevent it." The speech of Tong Jianming, the Supreme Procuratorate Deputy procurator general, highlights the determination of the procuratorial organs to intensify their efforts to combat financial crimes.

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