The draft tax bill received more than 80 thousand comments in half a month, focusing on the tax rate and so on.

The draft tax bill received more than 80 thousand comments in half a month, focusing on the tax rate and so on.

Original title: personal tax bill received half a month of more than 80 thousand opinions, focusing on the levy points, tax rates, etc.

Introduction: personal tax reform is too important for everyone's vital interests. Your comments will play a role to a certain extent, and may also play a key role in the unstable decision-making level.

By noon of July 12th, the draft amendment to the personal income tax law of the Chinese people's Congress (hereinafter referred to as "the draft tax") had gone through half a month and received about 83 thousand opinions. It was 46 times as much as the sum of the three other draft laws at the same time, and the Draft Tax draft was still the public. The hot spot of discussion.

"Personal tax reform is too important for everyone's immediate interests. Your opinions will play a role to a certain extent and sometimes can also play a key role in decision-making. " Shi Zhengwen, director of the tax and law research center of China University of Political Science and Law, told first finance.

More than 8.3 million opinions

This round of tax reform was formally proposed in November 2013. After many rounds of research, consultation with experts and ministries and commissions, the full text of the June 29, 2018 tax draft was published on the Internet of the Chinese people's Congress on the Internet, and it was open to the public for opinions, and the deadline for consultation was July 28th.

Many tax experts told the first financial reporter, this is the Seventh Amendment to the history of personal tax, and the reform is beyond expectations. The first 4 labor income, such as salary, salary income, income of labor service, income of remuneration for remuneration, income of royalty, and so on, was first incorporated into the scope of comprehensive taxation, and the first step in the reform of comprehensive and classified individual tax system was taken.

Reducing the tax burden of middle and low income people is also the highlight of this reform. This includes the above 4 items of labor income raised to 5000 yuan / month (60 thousand yuan / year), 3%, 10% and 20% to reduce the application scope of the tax rate, and will add children education, continuing education, medical treatment of major diseases, housing loan interest and housing rent 5 special additional deductions.

Liu Kun, the Minister of finance, said that the overall tax burden on the overall income tax payers has declined in varying degrees, especially the decline in the tax burden of the average income groups below the average.

As a trillions of taxes directly related to tens of millions of people, the draft of the June 29th tax draft received a number of opinions as soon as it was announced, because the number of people was too large and even led to the collapse of the page in the same day. Nearly half a month after noon on July 12th, China's NPC network received more than 8.3 views on a draft tax bill.

However, more than 8.3 000 items are less than the number of solicitation received during the last tax reform. In April 25, 2011, sixth amendments to the personal tax were sought for public opinion, and more than 100 thousand opinions were received on the first day. By the end of May 31st, 230 thousand comments were received, setting the highest number of individual legislative opinions in the history of NPC legislation.

The first financial reporter interviewed a lot of individual taxpayers, and found that they were satisfied with the tax cuts and other tax cuts. They realized that they did not need to pay a personal tax or pay very little tax, so they no longer care about how to modify the personal tax. Others indicated that they did not know the personal tax was soliciting opinions; others expressed that their opinions would not affect the tax revision.

Ms. Wang, who works in a software company in Wuhan, is currently paying seven thousand or eight thousand yuan before tax. She told the first financial reporter that the tax levy was raised in accordance with his income, so she did not care how to change the individual tax.

According to the data of the Ministry of finance, the payroll income tax threshold in 2011 was raised from 2000 yuan to 3500 yuan, and the tax rate was reduced from about 84 million to about 24 million after the tax rate was adjusted.

With the rapid growth of residents' income in recent years, the number of taxpayers has rebounded. According to the tax bill, the number of taxpayers after tax reduction has not yet been released.

But Xu Jianguo, a professor at Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, told the first financial reporter that he calculated the basic cost deduction standard of a certain area in 2017. When the tax deduction standard was raised from 3500 yuan to 5000 yuan, the tax reduction range was 9%, and the taxpayer (second) reduced by about 80%.

Shi Zhengwen said that many people feel that their opinions are not useful. In fact, the NPC Standing Committee will carefully review and analyze these opinions and will provide reference for the NPC Standing Committee to review it again.

One example was that the draft of the Draft Tax draft was raised to 3000 yuan at that time in 2011. After hearing the opinions of the parties, the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress had to raise the starting point to 3500 yuan.

Focus point, tax rate

Many people took an active part in the tax revision and submitted their opinions on the China People's Congress online.

Mr. Xu, who works in Shanghai, is one of them. "I reckon, my wife and my wife pay a total of 3000 yuan per month, if the tax is implemented in accordance with the current plan, we will pay less 60% of the tax, if the special additional deductions, the tax reduction will be more. So I hope that a tax reduction can come to the ground as soon as possible. "

As usual, the tax threshold has become one of the hot topics of reform. When the Draft Tax draft was considered at the thirteen session of the third meeting of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, the members of the Standing Committee of the people's Congress also suggested that the starting point should be appropriately raised. Because there is no specific standard, the starting points for each person are not the same, ranging from 6000 to 10 thousand yuan.

Mr. Xu made two suggestions on the Internet of the Chinese people's Congress; one was to raise the tax threshold to 8000 yuan per month, because the average monthly wages of more than 30 major cities in China exceeded 7800 yuan, and they should not be paid to the people below the average wage. Another suggestion is to expand the tax rate level of 10% and reduce the tax burden of the middle and lower income groups.

Li Wei, a consulting partner at KPMG, told the first financial reporter that he was more concerned about the highest marginal tax rate of 45% of the individual tax, which should be reduced.

Shi Zhengwen also believes that the highest marginal tax rate should be lowered and the scope of the distance will be expanded to reduce the tax burden of experts and technicians with more income sources.

Many financial and tax experts pay attention to the comprehensive four income of labor, and in the absence of previous deductions and application of the highest 45% marginal tax rates, the individual burden of diversified sources of income may be aggravated, and most of them are technical personnel, intellectuals, innovative entrepreneurs and so on. Therefore, whether the draft tax bill is deducted from operating expenses under comprehensive income, and the moderate adjustment of tax rates and intervals is also concerned by the outside world.

Mr. Hu, who works in Zhengzhou, believes that the draft tax bill can lighten its burden. How to deduct the special deductions from children's education and mortgage interest is a matter of great concern to him.

This is also the hot topic discussed in this draft tax bill. At present, the Draft Tax draft does not clearly define the 5 special additional deductions and scope standards, but stipulates that the relevant contents are determined by the relevant departments of the Department of Finance and taxation of the State Council.

Shi Zhengwen believes that the scope and standard range of special deductible deduction are the key elements of individual tax and should be refined under the principle of statutory tax revenue.

It is understood that in July 12th, the National People's Congress convened some experts and scholars to discuss draft tax proposals and listen to opinions from all sides.

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Personal tax reform opinions submitted to over 30 thousand experts said that the starting point needed scientific calculation.

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