Xinhua commentary: Telecom fraud against the death of money

Xinhua commentary: Telecom fraud against the death of money

Xinhua news agency, Lanzhou, July, 12 (Xinhua): Telecommunications fraud with serious financial and financial troubles

Xinhua News Agency reporter Jiang Weichao

From the original "guess who I am", "do not remember old friends" and "Guessing" swindle, to "XX Bank of China notifies you," "come to my office" and other "role playing" fraud, and then to the social platform "emotional cultivation" of fraud... Constantly refurbishing techniques and the rapid spread of the situation, become telecommunications fraud "cheat you do not discuss" footnote. Some of the men were deceived to death.

From the normal life to the bottom of life, sometimes there is only a fraudulent phone call. Extreme cases have repeatedly issued a warning that punishing telecommunications fraud is urgent and combating financial fraud, which is a must for conquering integrity.

The endless cases of Telecom fraud reflect the arrogance of not only the crime, but also the serious disclosure of personal information and the lack of information security protection. Behind this is the social governance syndrome, such as lack of supervision, lack of linkage and dysfunction. Some industries and departments have ignored loopholes in the firewall so that criminals can have loopholes.

In recent years, the public security and law departments have introduced measures to fill gaps in the law and crack down on the system. The "lifting up" law and the "recovery" blow are worthy of full recognition of progress. But it should be noted that behind every successful telecommunications fraud is hundreds of attempts. We must guard against those lawless criminals who dare to touch the French net before we can thoroughly cut off the root of telecommunications fraud.

In order to eradicate the soil of the telecommunications fraud crime from the whole ecological chain, every regulatory responsibility should be put into practice, the system hole is blocked, the information firewall is built, the strict social guard mechanism is weaved, and the telecommunication fraud is no longer available to the public and a clear and safe telecommunication network environment is given to the public.

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