A US woman's Samsung S9 exploded and her boyfriend was scalded.

A US woman's Samsung S9 exploded and her boyfriend was scalded.

Global network technology comprehensive report, according to foreign media reported in July 11th, a female user of Odessa, Florida, a Samsung Galaxy S9 mobile phone suddenly exploded, causing her boyfriend's hand to be burned. The cell phone was purchased through an unauthorized third party dealer, so the Samsung Corp called on consumers to buy mobile phones through regular channels.

This was the first public report after 2016, when boyfriend Dave Worden (Dave Warden) and her girlfriend just finished dinner. He saw a girlfriend's cell phone start smoking on the kitchen counter, and the sound of the sound was accompanied by a crack, and the smoke of the flame was about 12 inches (about 30.5 centimeters) soon. High. Worden picked up his cell phone and tried to put it in the sink to extinguish the fire. As a result, he didn't catch it. His cell phone fell to the ground and his hands burned.

Worden feared that such incidents would be repeated in Samsung's latest models, but Samsung said it would not. They said that other Galaxy S9 phones had not yet had similar accidents, and there were no other problems in the other models, mainly because Worden and his girlfriend made two mistakes. First of all, Worden said he was sorry about the phone falling to the ground, but at the time he saw a cell phone on fire, he didn't think much about it. He just wanted to lose his cell phone. Second, mobile phones were bought through unauthorized network dealers. Samsung Corp said they could not guarantee the quality and safety of such phones.

Even so, Worden thinks that since the mobile phone brand is Samsung, the accident is still the responsibility of Samsung Corp. He said they believed Samsung's products, but the result was disappointing. He added that the mobile phone was not charging while it was on fire, but it usually used a standard Samsung charger. When Worden was interviewed, Samsung did not reply to Worden, but it would refund the cost of mobile phones and conduct investigations. (internship compilation: Wen Han Lu's manuscript: Li Zongze)

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