Is the US group hungry? The takeaway business has been fined 20 million yuan for unauthorized operation of forged documents.

Is the US group hungry? The takeaway business has been fined 20 million yuan for unauthorized operation of forged documents.

Chongqing business daily -- Chen Yu, an upstream financial reporter

On the 9 day, the Municipal Food and Drug Administration held a press conference to inform the city of food supervision for the food and beverage of the city. Among them, Chengdu's smallest Restaurant Management Co., Ltd. was still unlicensed to provide food and beverage through a number of takeaway websites, and about 20000000 yuan was severely punished by the Municipal Food and Drug Administration Bureau of our city.


A heavy penalty of about 20000000 of the enterprises involved in the case

As a result, Chengdu's smallest Restaurant Management Co., Ltd. has not obtained food management license as the "smallest roast meat" franchised shop to distribute food called "the smallest roast meat" of the conditioning chicken. From April 2017 to July 2017, the company bought 5749 pieces of "the smallest barbecue" (5kg/ bag, 2 bag / piece), 408 pieces of stock, 2 samples, 5339 sales, 139 yuan per piece, 185 yuan per piece sold to the franchisee, the total value of the value of 1063565 yuan, and the total 245594 yuan in violation of the law. The smallest roast meat meal (Jiangbei restaurant), the youngest of Chengdu's smallest Restaurant Management Co., Ltd., has not been licensed to engage in catering service activities and counterfeit license. It provides Internet service to consumers through the United States group and the hungry platform. The value of the goods and the illegal income are 1 million 700 thousand and 600 yuan. The smallest roast meat meal (Beibei shop) has not been licensed to engage in catering service activities. Through the United States group, the hungry platform to provide consumers with the network service, the value of the value of 103319.05 yuan, illegal income of 94715.61 yuan. Xiamen three fast online Technology Co., Ltd. Chongqing branch (the United States Group) and Shanghai La Zi Mdt InfoTech Ltd Chongqing branch (hungry) did not carefully review the operating qualifications of its online merchants, there are 7 and 5 "the smallest roast meat" merchants in their platform online operation did not obtain food management license.

Finally, 408 pieces of "the smallest roast meat" of Chengdu's smallest Restaurant Management Co., Ltd. were confiscated; the illegal income was confiscated by 245594 yuan; a fine of 20 times the value of the value of the goods was fined, and the amount of the fines was 21516894 yuan. At the same time, the third party platform for the smallest one barbecue rice (Jiangbei store, Beibei store), the US group and the hungry network food transaction were fined.


Three big mess of food and beverage consumption

With the increasing popularity of the Internet catering, the city's network delivery has accounted for nearly half of the whole catering consumption in the city. The estimated network has nearly 50 thousand catering operators in the city. It is estimated that more than 200 are catering services through the circle of friends and the QQ platform. However, with the explosive growth of the takeaway industry, there is an endless stream of takeaway chaos.

Chaos one: undocumented operation still exists

From January 5th to April 12th, the Municipal Food and drug administration received 25 complaints and reported that there were undocumented operations and ultra - scope operations on the third - party network catering platform. In a reporter's interview, the takeout platform has made a strict standard for the entry of business, such as the business license to be uploaded, the catering service license or the food management license, as well as a special mechanism for auditing.

However, the situation of unlicensed business is still repeated.

Chaos two: merchant secretly line illegal goods

Some time ago, the media also exposed the first two children to take away, but secretly bought a pack of cigarettes. In fact, according to the relevant laws and regulations, China implements the tobacco monopoly. Even if the relevant evidence is obtained, it can only sell tobacco in the registered place and can not be sold on the takeaway platform. The takeaway platform also said that because of the ban on the sale of cigarettes, if there is a cigarette option at the time of registration, it will not pass. However, the lack of effective supervision has always existed.

Chaos three: food hygiene and quality opaque

Many takeaway consumers mentioned that the quality and weight of takeaway and hall food are different. For example, the takeout food is not compatible with the web page. In addition, takeaway food often appears to be insufficient in comparison with the well fed meals.

In addition, from the dining room kitchen to the customer table, the transparency of the sanitary condition of the takeaway food is not high. The environmental problems of the takeaway restaurants and the sanitary condition in the distribution are also worried by the consumers.


Takeout platform: the whole line of business is not full of evidence

In July 10th, we were hungry to respond to the reporters. For the super scope operation on the platform, or has already obtained the food management license, but not public, it has been urged to rectify and rectify; in addition, the platform has already done the downline processing for the enterprises with incomplete evidence.

In addition, the mission responded that the platform has a strict audit mechanism for the merchants, and the US group's takeout requires merchants to provide the original qualification of the valid certificate in conformity with the local laws and regulations. If there is a food safety problem, the platform has the right to impose penalties on the relevant merchants.


It's still a lot of effort to deal with the mess.

Liao Chenglin, a professor at the school of economics and business management at Chongqing University, said that takeout has changed the mode of dining for many workers, and the marketing of traditional business has changed. Because of the cause of the mess, Liao Chenglin said that, under the interests of the businessmen, the business ethics and morality are thin, the bottom line is lack of self-restraint, and they always step on the red line. He also believes that from the social level, because the disciplinary mechanism is not perfect, the strength is not strong enough, and there is no real pain to the businesses and platforms to step on the line.

"To solve these problems, we need to be honest." Liao Chenglin said that the exposure and punishment of illegal businesses and platforms is a good case. He said that to eliminate chaos requires a lot of effort. Besides strengthening the audit of stores, the platform should really check. In addition, businesses should be honest, transparent, and reassuring consumers. In addition, the food and drug administration should also intensify investigation and punishment to eliminate chaos.


4 channels to report undocumented food and beverage

Pay attention to 3 points in the choice of takeout

As of June 30, 2018, the whole city has recorded 6 third party food trading platforms (including the third party of the network food trading platform in Chongqing Branch), 41 self built websites, 2689 inspection of food sales and management, 15 times inspection of the third party platform, and 2817 local food sales operators. In 442 batches, 131 cases of administrative penalty cases were dealt with in general procedures, and 2250 yuan was fined.

The director of the Bureau of the Municipal Food and Drug Administration said that the Bureau has opened 4 channels to welcome complaints from the masses, including the 12331 hotline, the Municipal Food and Drug Administration Office, the letter and the visit. Once verified, the award will be given to a minimum of 100 yuan and a maximum of 300 thousand yuan.

The responsible person also suggested that consumers should pay attention to the following points when choosing takeaway:

The 1 is to choose the legitimate and regular third party platform and the food operators / catering operators to buy food, to carefully check the information of the food management license and to purchase the information of the food products, and to choose the full and good reputable merchants to consume.

The 2 is to avoid the food / food service consumption through social platforms such as WeChat, QQ and other social platforms. Because such social platforms are not registered in real name, it is difficult to locate and obtain evidence for the subject and illegal behavior of the complaints.

The 3 is that if the food safety problems are encountered, we should pay attention to the specific name, address, transaction information, and the evidence for the problem of food, and call the "12331" complaint hotline in time.

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