Direct hit HUAWEI cloud President Zheng Yelai: increase investment in innovation to deal with ICT transformation

Direct hit HUAWEI cloud President Zheng Yelai: increase investment in innovation to deal with ICT transformation

Sina Technology News July 12th news, HUAWEI cloud BU President Zheng Yelai recently pointed out in public, all walks of life have entered the era of innovation, ICT (information, communications and Technology) to face the transition from the vertical industry to the platform industry. HUAWEI cloud will continue to invest in strategic innovation of cloud computing. Although it has only been established for one year, its revenue has increased by 7 times compared with that of the previous year, and its partner growth has reached 45% in the first half year.

Income increased 7 times over the same period

In March 2017, HUAWEI founder Ren Zhengfei signed the establishment of Cloud BU, and in August the same year, it was upgraded to a second level department outside the consumer BG, enterprise BG and operator BG. This also means that cloud business is not only a strategic direction for HUAWEI, but also a Gong Youyun service for businesses and customers.

Zheng Yelai said that in the first half of this year, HUAWEI cloud revenue increased 7 times compared to the same period last year, 872 new applications on the cloud market and 45% growth of partners.

"Hua Weiyun continues to innovate in the entire field of cloud infrastructure." in Zheng Yelai's view, HUAWEI's innovative research and development covers computing, storage, network, security, network and AI chips. Hua Weiyun also pays attention to technological innovation. It helps the public security department to realize the integration of parking data in the whole province and helps promote the promotion. The office efficiency of enterprises, such as Harbin Pharmaceutical Group, with bare metal service capabilities, shorten the time of intelligent report generation from 3 days to 3 hours. It is reported that all flash metal bare metal service is the most powerful X86 computing node on cloud.  

Combine video with AI to review video

Zheng Yelai said that HUAWEI cloud also used AI technology to launch a EI intelligent video series service, which can be used to analyze video content and to add scene labels to these video content so that customers can analyze video in combination with application scenarios. The accuracy of the scheme has exceeded 90%, and the video tag supports 2.3W+ class, which currently supports 365 indoor outdoor scenes.

In the logistics application scenario, the scheme can solve the problem of intelligent detection of violent sorting. Compared with previous manual video searches in the surveillance center, the accuracy rate of 68% is now high in complex scenes where violence is sorted. Recently, Forest, a global authoritative research organization, released a research report. The report reveals that Hua Weiyun has entered the quadrant of leadership in terms of technical strength, full stack capacity and perfect ecosystem.

Myths are meaningless

"Customers are the main players playing technology, not playing emotional", not long ago, HUAWEI rotating chairman Xu Zhijun also expressed his views on HUAWEI cloud.

He believes that the object of HUAWEI cloud is a large number of enterprises, and the Technology Department of the enterprise will test and compare products, so it is meaningless to simply mythology. In practical operation, HUAWEI cloud advocates first testing and then buying.

This hard power is reflected in the outcome of the market. Not long ago, the Ministry of Finance issued a government procurement processing notice, including a ten million level cloud computing project, and finally HUAWEI won the bid.

In the view of Xu Jun Jun, the winning bid is closely related to HUAWEI's many years of intensive farming in China's government and business market. "From HUAWEI's point of view, HUAWEI is not a new thing, but a accumulation of HUAWEI's ICT basic technology innovation, and HUAWEI has been doing a solid foundation in the infrastructure of the private cloud for years, so the public cloud is going fast," he said.

In the long run, the goal of HUAWEI cloud is to create a cloud ecosystem.

Xu Zhijun compares himself to black land, and partners can sow and germinate on this black land, that is, all applications can be migrated to the cloud platform, based on the increase in cloud deployment, and the future stickiness will increase. To this end, HUAWEI cloud built a DevOps software service platform for software industry, covering software engineering management, development, testing and other scenarios, and now has 90 thousand online developers. In addition, the AI platform has been released to promote the landing of industrial applications through deep learning and image search. (Han Dapeng)

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