At least 10 people died in a landslide in a village in Afghanistan.

At least 10 people died in a landslide in a village in Afghanistan.

Original title: landslide in a village in Afghanistan killed at least 10 people

Overseas network, July 12, according to Afghanistan's official notification, local time in the evening of July 11th, landslide invasion of a village in Afghanistan, a total of nearly 300 homes destroyed, resulting in at least 10 people died. At present, local residents are using basic mining tools to find survivors.

According to the "US News" report, two helicopters and emergency rescuers of the rescue organization have rushed to the province of Pat Jay Hill, a disaster that occurred in Northeast Afghanistan. Omar (Omar Mohammadi), a spokesman for the State Administration of disaster management in Afghanistan, said in July 12th that the first task after the disaster was to save the people in the ruins of the landslide.

It is known that landslides often occur in many parts of Afghanistan when the snow melts in the spring, while deforestation in some areas is still serious.

In a statement issued by the office, President Ghani, who is attending the NATO summit, said the authorities would do their best to provide the victims with the help they need. (overseas network Zhu Huiyue)

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