Cerebral palsy female type to earn a living to get 500 people to be a public welfare handsome boy.

Cerebral palsy female type to earn a living to get 500 people to be a public welfare handsome boy.

Original title: video clip cerebral palsy female typing to earn a living, 500 people do charity handsome boy flying to propose marriage

Wang Haizhen, 33, is born with severe cerebral palsy. Only his right foot can move freely. Relying on this flexible foot, she learned to open an electric wheelchair, and realized the basic self-care of her life. She used this foot to eat, embroider cross stitch, typewrite computer, do Taobao customer service, and was rated as "the best customer service of the year" by the merchant.

But Wang Haizhen's bigger dream is to do more public welfare and help more disabled people to live on their own. Because she was helped by others, she started the road of public welfare. At present, the charity charity Association for the disabled has more than 500 members.

Wang Haizhen did not go to school for a day, but with stubborn perseverance, he studied his own cultural knowledge and acted as the deputy director of the customer service of the online shop, and solved his own problem of survival. In June 2012, the whole country was created to help the disabled to help the disabled, to carry out several network fund-raising activities for the disabled, and to train the disabled to serve as network service to help them to feed themselves and increase their income. Because she has been engaged in public welfare for a long time, she has become the idol of many disabled friends.

Life is not a bad treat for such a strong and optimistic person, nor for love. Li Yangyang, male, 29 years old, boyfriend of Shandong Dezhou, Wang Haizhen. It took two months to go to Lanzhou by air, so that I could see my girlfriend quickly.

In September 6, 2016, Li Yangyang joined DHI volunteer service team, and he gradually realized Wang Haizhen. "She is a public good, I'm a volunteer. She's strong, brave and great," he said with a smile. "She doesn't have anything to do with it. I can help her."

Their love affair has been recognized by two parents and is currently being discussed.

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