Everyone was sheltering from rain during the storm, but the University was busy fishing in the lake.

Everyone was sheltering from rain during the storm, but the University was busy fishing in the lake.

Original title: Video rainstorm days everyone is sheltering from rain. This university is busy fishing in the lake.

In July 11th, the University of Electronic Science and technology, Chengdu, Sichuan, was bustling on the Qingshui Lake campus. The 18 rear service masters were dressed neatly and caught fish in the artificial lake East Lake in the school.

At noon, the master worked together to gather the nets, and the fish became more and more visible. Although the sky is heavy rain, but there are still a lot of teachers and students standing in the border of East Lake fishing, fresh big fish in the net constantly rolling and jumping, the crowd from time to time come cheers and exclamations.

The staff of the logistics support department of the University of Electronic Science and technology told the news Knews reporter that in 2014, the school logistics bought these fish seedlings into East Lake culture, and now the number of fish in the lake is increasing. Under the comprehensive consideration, a fishing activity has been organized. It is understood that the fishing harvest is quite abundant, capturing a total of about more than 3000 Jin, the largest of which is more than 20 jin. All the fish caught are sent directly to the school cafeteria to be processed into non - flavored dishes for free tasting, steamed, steamed, and sauerkraut. In order to taste these delicacies, teachers and students lined up in front of the dining hall.

It is reported that the fishing is on the one hand to control the ecological environment of East Lake, on the other hand, it is also the welfare provided by the school to teachers and students. Next, the logistics department will continue to fish fry in proportion, so that teachers and students will eat East Lake big fish soon.

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