China's first world champion won the world cup. The foreign army was caught unprepared because there was no five-star red flag.

China's first world champion won the world cup. The foreign army was caught unprepared because there was no five-star red flag.

The Russian world cup is hot. These days, do you often discuss the results of each match with your little partner?

However, have you ever heard of the "gun World Cup"?

Today, the hero is known as the king of kings in the world cup.

He made Chinese soldiers proud of the international arena and won three first-class achievements.

Which cow is this in the end? Come and look at it!

His name is Wang Zhanjun. He is currently the captain of the three battalion of the armed police falcons.

Because of the accuracy of the shooting, his comrades sent him a loud nickname, Wang Yi Fa!

In 2002, Wang Zhanjun joined the army and joined the Armed Police Corps of Jiangsu province. In 2008, after the graduation of the armed police academy, Wang Zhanjun chose to remain in the Falcon commando team and became a special combat team.

The world military sniper championship is known as the world cup. Before Wang Zhanjun, no Chinese could enter the top ten.

In 2010, Wang Zhanjun first stood on the field of the world military sniper championship, and won the second runner up of the armed police team at one stroke. The organizing committee had not prepared the national flag for the Chinese team, and the organizing committee had to temporarily borrow a Chinese flag from the Chinese embassy. On that day, the front page of the European Times issued a report that "China surprised the world".

After that competition, Wang Zhanjun set foot on the road to win the international competition.

In 2012, Wang Zhanjun won the group champion in the fourth international special soldier "warrior" competition. In 2013, he won two championships in the world military police sniper competition and once again won the first class merit.

In 2014, he participated in the world military police sniper tournament for the third time. Due to the outstanding performance of the past, players from all countries took Wang Zhanjun as the number one target and made tactical adjustments to his strengths.

The "blade edge" shooting course is a reserved subject for the world military sniper championship. The rule is: the target distance is 60 meters, with a bullet, in 30 seconds, must pass through the blade to hit the target.

When shooting at 60 meters, the blade is like a hair. If it is careless, it will be biased. In such a difficult subject, Wang Zhanjun scored a full mark on the first blow.

After three days of fierce competition, Wang Zhanjun, under heavy pressure, eventually won 3 titles and became the champion of the competition and won the title of "Wang Zhong Wang".

This year, Wang Zhanjun won the first prize third times.

In the international arena, from the breakthrough of China's medal zero to many "Grand Slam", Wang Zhanjun fought for Chinese soldiers and China. He was the real king of Wang.

Such a special team leader, you say, no cow?

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