China's largest radio telescope in the world has been spoof by P users.

China's largest radio telescope in the world has been spoof by P users.

Do you still remember the world's largest single channel radio telescope, called FAST, hidden in the mountains of Guizhou? Since its birth, the 500 meter spherical radio telescope has been widely talked about by its traditional cooking utensils. Today, a photo released by the official micro-blog magazine of China's National Astronomy Magazine has "misunderstood" the "big pot", because in the event of a visit to the "big pot", a little friend brought his own food.

This morning the official Chinese National Astronomy Magazine micro-blog @ China National Astronomy issued a graph and text micro-blog called "they, true, the belt, the dish, come!" In the photo, a group of children who are watching FAST model have a small "eat goods" unexpectedly produced a green vegetable?

This seemingly "very thought" child immediately aroused the netizens' reverie for this "pot". Everyone in the commentary area has played the iron pan delicious food, looks like a very appetizing look.

Some netizens even discussed cooking techniques in the comment area and the forwarding chain, such as the correct steps to stir fry.

See this "pot" to be "played bad", one face muddled science popular @ the sound of Chinese Academy of Sciences on line, for the popular science of the "pot" of the correct usage.

According to the voice of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, micro-blog, Chinese Academy of Sciences,

FAST "big pot" and "pot edge" are girders with a diameter of about 500 meters, a height of 5.5 meters and a width of 11 meters, and are supported by 50 platforms. Considering the thermal expansion and cold contraction, the designer skillfully enables the bearing to slide.

"Pan surface" is more special, first "weave" the network consisting of 6670 main cables, and then 4450 pieces of edge in 10.4 meters - 12.4 meters, 427 - 482.5 kg, thick about 1.3 meters of aluminum reflection surface unit, in turn installed on the cable net. The crisscross cable net can adjust the position of the reflector panel, and finally form the 300 meter instantaneous paraboloid.

"The bottom of the pot" is more interesting. The platform of the feed cabin is located at the bottom of the center of the active reflector. The feed cabin, which weighs about 30 tons, is evenly distributed under the action of the 6 supporting towers around the "pot" and is suspended at 80 meters from the ground.

On the "science goal menu" put forward by FAST, the top priority is "inspecting the neutral hydrogen of the universe". Neutral hydrogen is a hydrogen atom in the universe that does not gather into stars to glow and heat, observing neutral hydrogen signals, knowing the details of the interaction between galaxies, and calculating the clues of the development of the universe.

Another "main course" that we should look forward to is "observation pulsar". Pulsars are the final product of the evolution of massive stars. About 2000 pulsars have been observed in the Milky way, and FAST will be directed outside the Milky way.

With the completion of the main body of the pot, scientists will collect and collect the ingredients. In the face of the diverse world, they need to filter "impurities" and concentrate on their operations so that they can cook a whole pot of flowers.

Great, my pot!

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