The body language information at NATO summit is astonishing.

The body language information at NATO summit is astonishing.

Original title: at the NATO summit, these body language information is amazing.

NATO summit opened on the 11 th, the first day conference information is not small. In addition to raising money, U.S. President Trump also needs to "raise money", and NATO invites Macedonia to join the group and continue to expand eastward. In addition to the attention of the summit, the details of some "interpersonal relationships" are also playful, especially the rich body language of the participants, which may convey a greater amount of information.

A picture of "disharmony"

Last year, the summit of the NATO summit was Trump's first show, when he was shocked by the "handshake" of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Montenegro and French President Ma krone, but the general atmosphere of the summit was still hot. However, at this year's summit, Trump did not push anyone. But the US media believes that his "rules" show that his relationship with the leaders of the allies is very cold, unlike partners.

At the breakfast meeting with NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg, Trump increased military spending and the German and Russian oil pipeline project "chatter". In stuttenberg's speech, Trump either crossed his arms across his chest, or pointed at Stoltenberg, or even interrupted several times.

According to Darren Stanton, a body language expert, Stoltenberg and his assistants look nervous when Trump gets mad at the breakfast meeting, but the NATO Secretary General shows some kind of fear and anxiety, like a person who is threatened by Trump. "Trump absolutely led the whole session, as if he were training a group of naughty pupils."

The media also found that Trump often separated from his NATO allies, especially to avoid leaders who disagree with him, such as German Chancellor Merkel and Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau.

For example, when the whole family was taken, other leaders walked out of the NATO headquarters building, but Trump walked slowly behind him. He is talking to President El of Turkey and Kolinda Grabar Kitalovich, President of Croatia. While standing on the stage to prepare for the photo shoot, he also turned to other leaders, including Merkel, only to chat with the British Prime Minister Teresa Mei, who was standing beside him.

This "outlier" is a highlight of the online summit. Photos show that when everyone else is looking in the same direction, only Trump looks in the opposite direction. Patti Wood, a body linguist, said the interesting thing about this picture is that it captured the real attitude of the world to Trump. No matter what happened at the scene, at least it can be seen from the picture that Trump is not the same as the others in the picture. "This photo may also be a symbol of this NATO summit, which means that the atmosphere of the summit is not harmonious."

At the NATO summit, "family portrait" was taken. Photos show that while everyone else is looking in the same direction, President Trump is looking in the opposite direction. (image source: Getty Images)

Yana German, a body linguist, said that the first reaction to seeing this picture is that Trump is a loner and lives in his own world. Others' opinions had no influence on him or irrelevant. He always follows his drums. He likes to go his own way.

After taking the photo back to hold talks, Trump again appeared to be aloof. The leaders of other member states greeted each other warmly in the room, but Trump stayed with the US delegation. At the last minute before he sat down, he simply greeted the other leaders.

When Merkel and Trump came to the meeting, the two people had little eye contact in the few minutes that allowed reporters to enter. Merkel also did not comment on the relationship with Trump. This contrasts sharply with the meeting between Trump and French President Ma long. Despite the differences between the two, Trump thought that mark dragon was one of his closest friends. The two people have fun with each other and the atmosphere is relaxed. After the day's meeting, Trump and Ma Long also left the NATO headquarters building while chatting away.

However, the social atmosphere of the dinner party made Trump interested. Although he did not drink, he chatted with stuttenberg for a few minutes at the cocktail party, and Merkel joined in after that. When Trump and El spoke in peace, his wife, mearen, was greeted by Trudeau's warm greetings.

Unlike Trump's "loner", the first lady accompanying the visit, mearen, seems to be more popular in Brussels. The The Associated Press reported that, in the warm atmosphere of classical music, fashion and chocolate, the spouse of the NATO leader was happily married.

The "small action" of the advisers

Not only did Trump himself get attention, but also his limbs did not escape the eyes of the media. At breakfast, when Trump was in Germany, the senior advisers sitting around him seemed uneasy, not pouting and flifting.

A video on the scene showed that Trump began to complain about the import of Russian natural gas from Germany, which was the evidence that "Germany was completely controlled by Russia". At that time, the mood of NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg was still restrained, and the American permanent representative of NATO, Hutcheson, tried to avoid the eyes of NATO colleagues sitting on the opposite side. Kelly, the White House chief of staff, has the most "little moves". He will look down a while and move his body for a while. When Trump went on to say, "I don't think this should happen", Kelly scratched his ears. When Trump said that Germany paid NATO's military spending slightly higher than 1%, Kelly wrote again in her notebook.

Later, Trump sneer at "Germany captured by Russia". Video shows that when Trump spoke of the term "captive", almost all the American representatives present had obvious reactions. Secretary of state Pompeio, who was sitting on the left hand side of Trump, faced the president before turning around to look at the plate. Hutcheson looked a little evasive on the right-hand side. Suddenly she straightened up and cast her eyes on the president. Kelly, sitting at the end of the table, closed his lips.

Patrick Stewart, an associate professor of politics at University of Arkansas, read out the "angry" mood from Kelly's body language. She said that raising the chin and squeezing the corners of the mouth showed Kelly's unhappiness. He might be angry.

Mary Sivelo, who has 15 years of experience in body language, agrees with Stewart. She noticed that Kelly's eyes did not look directly at Trump, which meant that he did not fully agree with what the president said. In general, Sivelo says, when a team is in a meeting, people who do not speak will watch the speaker, occasionally point to their heads, or look at people sitting opposite to show unity. In contrast, Kelly's eyes moved away from the conference table and sometimes looked at the ceiling, but rarely landed on the NATO delegates opposite Trump or him. "Kelly seems to be absent-minded."

Kelly, a White House spokesman, was "curious" about why Kelly had such a "rich" expression: "Kelly was not happy because he had expected a good breakfast, and only pastries and cheese."

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