What is the importance of a girlfriend and a mother? This "send a proposition" saved a life

What is the importance of a girlfriend and a mother? This

Original title: who's important for a girlfriend and a mother? This "send the proposition" saved a life!

In the late morning, a 90 year old man was quarrelling with his girlfriend. After breaking up, he climbed onto the windowsill and tried to commit suicide, WeChat morning news. The police and the men sitting in the window of the 11 floor were "chatting" for nearly three hours. They also discussed the problem of "the importance of a girlfriend or an important mother", and finally let the young man dispel the thought of life.

On June 28th, at 10:34 in the evening, a young man threatened to commit suicide by jumping off a building on a windowsill on the 11 floor of a residential area in Huachi Road, Putuo District, Shanghai. After receiving the alarm from the police station of Shiquan Road, Putuo Public Security Bureau, the police rushed to the scene for disposal.

After the police arrived at the scene, the man who spoke about suicide was sitting in the window of the 11 floor. The lower body had been in the window, and the possibility of an accident occurred at any time. The situation was very critical.

After careful observation of the scene, the police immediately discussed the rescue plan with the firefighters at the scene. Because the balcony is too narrow, if the fire brigade 11 building fast drop rescues extremely easy to cause the accident. Finally, he decided to rescue the suicide man by giving the police a "negotiation" approach and a fire control strategy.

As the man locked the door, Zheng Hong, director of the Shiquan Road police station, and the police visited a few neighbours around him to understand the general situation of the man, and then came to the window of the next room to start the "game of life and death."

At the beginning of the negotiations, the man was immersed in the pain of lovelorn and was unable to extricate himself. He was so excited that he could not listen to others' persuasion. Zheng Hong knew that the man used to be a soldier, so he talked about his career in the army.

"The young man has been a soldier, is it?" How many years have you been? I really respect you as a soldier. I used to work as a peacekeeping police to South Sultan, and work with our peacekeepers every day, and be a soldier. "

Zheng Hong, who had experienced overseas peacekeeping experience, talked about his personal experience and succeeded in attracting men's attention. He was finally willing to communicate with the police in the depression.

Have you done the push up in the army? Have you run away with weight? I don't all stick to it. Why can't you break up with your girlfriend? "

In exchange with the man, Zheng Hong gradually broke his mind and gave him the idea:

"What's the problem with your girlfriend? If you come down, go down with me, I'll drive you to your girlfriend at once. If you buy a bunch of flowers on the way, will you solve the problem? "

After finding that the man's mood has been gradually stable, Zheng Hong from the neighbours was told that men were very filial, and asked the question that the netizens called the "ultimate problem" of love.

"I ask you, which one do you choose between your girlfriend and your mother?"

The other side whispered two words "mother".

"Your mother needs to know that you are in a hurry to die."

"What my parents are most worried about is me."

"Then you have to understand them, live well and work well, that's filial piety!"

After more than an hour of communication, Zheng Hong proposed to face each other in the house. After several decades of stalemate outside the door, the man finally agreed to talk to Zheng Hong face to face when others were evacuated.

"When I came back from the Spring Festival, I saw that my old mother's skin was very dry and cracked, and the family had one hundred acres of land.

Time went by for nearly an hour. The man gave up the idea of suicide and voluntarily followed Zheng Hong to the police station to accept the law. It was 2:20 in the morning when the two people went out of the room. Before leaving, Zheng Hong did not forget to remind him to close the windows and power supply at home.

News personage

Zheng Hong has always been a "legend" in the eyes of his colleagues. In November 2014, Zheng Hong led the fourth China peacekeeping and civil police force, formed by the Shanghai police, to the South Sultan, and was awarded the UN Medal of peace. In June 2017, Zheng Hong, as a representative of Chinese police, traveled to Italy and successfully completed the joint patrol of China and Italy. He was also named the national excellent police by the Ministry of public security, and he was elected "police hero in my heart" by the Ministry of public security.

To the successful rescue point for the police and fire fighting!

Source: the morning news

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