The old man was angry for the boy to give up his seat and sit on his body.

The old man was angry for the boy to give up his seat and sit on his body.

Original title: Qi man! The old man sat down on him for the sake of letting the boy give up his seat.

Cover news news (reporter Tian Road) 12 afternoon, a video of the network spread in the video, video, a bus, an old man asked a friend to give up the seat, the children did not get up, the old man had to sit on a number of children. The surrounding passengers accused the old man of being "unreasonable". The reporter contacted the video photographer Chiang Kai Shek and learned that the incident happened on the afternoon of 12, on the 48 bus in Chengdu.

After 3 p.m., Ms Chiang took the 48 bus and arrived an old man on the way through Shuncheng Street to Huai Shu street. "It looks like more than 60 years old, with a good spirit, a bandage on the waist." The old man went straight to the seat of love and found a six or seven year old boy sitting on the table asking him to give up his seat. Ms. Chiang said that the old man had heard the quarrel shortly after he walked away. The general content was that the old man kept scolding the little boy, saying he would not give up his seat for himself. "Scolding too much, saying that there is no old man, no breeding." The old man was scold at the same time, threatening the boy. He would not give up his seat, he would sit down, or he would ask the boy to stand in front of him.

In a moment, the boy was frightened and confused. At this time, the old man made an amazing move, sat down, sat on the boy, and repeated many times.

This behavior caused many passengers' dissatisfaction and accused the old man of being unreasonable.

Ms. Jiang believes that if you are physically unwell, you need to sit in your seat, and you can tell your boy your reasonable demands. "He said he was an old man. He should give it to him. Everyone said that children are also disadvantaged groups. He said I could not teach you." The old man's arrogant attitude condemned the passengers, but he still pushed the boy away and sat on the seat. Finally, the old man got off at the east of Huai Shu street. A lady saw the boy pitifully and got up to give up his seat.

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